Is ObamaCare’s Rise in Diabetes Diagnoses a Medical Ripoff Scam?


“Ca$h Paid For Diabetic Strips.”

NCAA Worried Gay Players Won’t Be Able to Buy Wedding Cakes from Christian Bakeries in Indiana


How can they possibly play without the assurance that they can violate the religious freedom of Christian bakers and florists

Traitor Muslim National Guardsman Convert Plotted to Kill 100 Soldiers

ISIS Al-Qaeda Militants Fighting Syrian Civil War

Hasan also urged taking US soldiers prisoner and torturing them.

White House: Country Overrun by Iran and Al Qaeda is Success Story


That really tells us what Obama’s definition of what counterterrorism is

US Intel Info Captured by Iran After Yemen Collapse


It’s another Obama victory.

Obama Let Iran Block US Access to the Persian Gulf


They can cut off the oil and gas supply to almost the entire world.

The Middle East is Turning Into One Big Civil War


We could very well be seeing the beginning of a real Arab Spring

Obama’s Tantrum III: Pentagon Dumps Info on Israeli Nuclear Program


This release was payback for Netanyahu speaking out against his Iran nuclear sellout.

Netanyahu Won by Winning the Middle Class, Left Won the Rich


Netanyahu’s Likud Party out-community organized Obama’s people and beat them on voter turnout.

Obama Traded 5 Taliban Commanders for Man Officially Charged w/Desertion


Susan Rice claimed Berghdal served “with honor and distinction,”