Obama’s Counterterrorism Messaging Promotes Islamic Takeover of UK


Then it quoted Al Qaeda. Now it’s promoting Shariah over UK law.

ISIS Becoming Really Hard to Tell Apart from Pedophiles

islam chris hansen memri child marriage

“You say you’re gonna have a weekend sleepover.”

Police Investigate Man Who Tweeted Jar Jar Binks/Mohammed Sex Pic to Terrorist

mohammed jar jar binks2

What’s the difference between the UK and Saudi Arabia again?

Deborah Lipstadt and David Ellenson’s Cynical Attack on Pamela Geller and Ronn Torossian


When you don’t have any facts to argue, the laziest approach is to shriek McCarthyism.

Syrian Refugees Demand Asylum in Japan


Japan took in 11 refugees last year.

Obama Inc. Funded “Smart Necklace” That Monitors What You Eat


The Revolution will not be brought to you by Coke.

Chicago Tribune Lies About Muslim Brotherhood in Oak Brook

Japanexperterna.se  public domain

Facts are notoriously Islamophobic.

Church of England Vicar: Give Thanks to the God We Love, Allah


‘In that sense we feel very properly Anglican.’

Imam Who Complained of American Misconceptions About Islam Busted for Molesting Teenage Girl


“Today, during my flight to Alabama, I was followed around in the airport by five TSA members.”

The Best #AskHamas Tweets

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Ismail Haniyeh

“Isn’t it ironic that you’re running a Twitter campaign after burning down internet cafes?”