Ukraine Asks for Military Aid, Obama Offers MREs


Let them eat MREs

News Station Catches 100 Non-Citizens Voting in Florida (VIDEO)

voter id

One Naples voter admitted she was an illegal alien

Crazy Salon Racist Rant: “How Did Irish-Americans Get So Disgusting”


This is what happens when you get your history from cereal boxes and Howard Zinn.

Bill de Blasio Claims Israel Banned Horse Carriages, Caught Lying


Bill de Blasio is still struggling to push his horse carriage ban.

Oberlin College Allows Muslim Prof to Violently Threaten Female Professors


Ali said that “in his culture, he could have had the female department chair killed.”

“China is Not Only Our Enemy, It is the Enemy of All Muslims”


“We have plans for many attacks in China.”

Iranian Parliament’s Foreign Policy Spokesman Claims US Kidnapped Malaysian Plane


A conspiracy to “sabotage the relationship between Iran and China and Southeast Asia,”

Obama Abandons Online Freedom of Speech to Islamic Dictatorships


“Every American should worry about Obama giving up control of the Internet to an undefined group.”

Malaysian Jihadists Plotted Plane Hijacking Using Shoe Bomb

Malaysia Plane

The Malaysian plot was masterminded by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the architect of 9/11.

HBCU Triples Grad Rate Thanks to Black Panther’s Grade Inflation


n 2006, Winston-Salem State University had a 14.8 graduation rate for students in four years.