Iranian Parliament’s Foreign Policy Spokesman Claims US Kidnapped Malaysian Plane


A conspiracy to “sabotage the relationship between Iran and China and Southeast Asia,”

Obama Abandons Online Freedom of Speech to Islamic Dictatorships


“Every American should worry about Obama giving up control of the Internet to an undefined group.”

Malaysian Jihadists Plotted Plane Hijacking Using Shoe Bomb

Malaysia Plane

The Malaysian plot was masterminded by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the architect of 9/11.

HBCU Triples Grad Rate Thanks to Black Panther’s Grade Inflation


n 2006, Winston-Salem State University had a 14.8 graduation rate for students in four years.

Obama Budget Cuts Medicare, Boosts Medicaid

oibama grandma

Wealth redistribution from senior citizens to welfare voters.

Ice Cream Social Justice: “Critical Food Studies” Comes to College


In the English department a course will investigate food imagery in Toni Morrison’s novels.

WaPo Bipartisan Compromise: “Kill the Elderly, Raise Taxes and Legalize Illegal Aliens”


Did you hear that liberals are throwing in dead grandmas into the bargain?

Afghan Muslim Stabs Polish Wife to Death After She Refuses to Wear Hijab


“You must come back and if you do not I will take this knife and kill you.”

UK Immigration Judge Who Let Illegal Criminals Stay was in Abusive Relationship w/Illegal

Picture by Mark Richards-Judge Richard McKee pictured today

As they tried to arrest Fatima Umar, she assaulted them

Kerry: “We Hope President Putin will Recognize that None of What We’re Saying is Meant as a Threat”


Putin should “understand that we are prepared to respect his interests and rights”