“I Have to Admit, as a Supporter, Obamacare was Built on a Foundation of Lies.”


“Its officials lied to all of us—Republicans, Democrats, and independents”

ADL Honors Dem Congresman Who Said Jews Vote Republican b/c They Love Money


“They feel they want to protect their wealth”

Dems Wasted $700K to Fly Clintons on Private Jets to Campaign Events

U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton arrives at the Catam military airport in Bogota

Air Hillary flies on.

Salon: Supporting the Keystone Pipeline is Racist


Those racists sure love their pipelines.

China Tests Stealth Plane it Stole from US During Obama Visit


China keeps making Obama bow

Obama Officials: America Did Not Live Up to its Values After 9/11


Anything to help the terrorists win.

Anti-Israel Jon Stewart Claims Judaism is Nazism

This is where progressives get their news

Jews are the new Nazis. How original.

ObamaCare is Killing People in Rural America


That’s how you kill people while promising that you’re helping them.

ISIS Jihadists Disguised as Muslim Refugees Smuggled into Europe


Europe has to say no to all Muslim refugees.

Families of Plane Crash Victims Blast Lazy De Blasio for Disrespect


“Bill de Blasio doesnt care about Hispanic people..”