Obama: Iran Can’t Fight Us, Iran: Death to America


It’s a pity that no one Iran that it can’t fight us.

Palestinian Authority Boss Returns $350 Million from Israel, Demands More

kerry abbas

Yes, Israel has to provide electricity to Gaza and Hamas.

The Happy Ghosts of the Progressive Gulag


A subtle and complex reckoning with benevolent killing (of plants, of beasts, and children)

Somali Refugees to US Increased 250% Under Obama

A more modest 80% increase for Arab refugees

Pro-Hezbollah Paper: Obama Ended His Speech w/”Khamenei, I am at your service!”


Iran and its terrorist allies are taking their victory lap.

Obama to Visit Democratic State He Turned Republican


Kentucky Democrats don’t want to be seen with the man who destroyed their party.

Children of UK Muslim Politicians, Defense Officials, Join ISIS


If only Muslims could get important jobs in the UK.

George Soros Stands Up for Tajikistan Prostitutes in Hijabs

George Soros

George Soros, Nazi collaborator, evil mastermind, chivalrous knight

Ted Cruz in No. 2 Spot in WaPo/ABC Republican Primary Poll


Cruz is at 11 among self-identified moderate/liberal Republicans

Finally We Have a Preliminary Framework for an Understanding of an Arrangement of Nuclear Peace in Our Time

Iran has agreed to modify its cry of “Death to America” to “Death to America– for research purposes only.”