Muslim Country that Prosecutes Witchcraft Hosts “Museum of the Future”

I'll get you and your Twitter account too!

People are encouraged to report anyone practicing witchcraft or sorcery.

Harry Reid Accused of Racism for Endorsing White Candidate on Selma Anniversary


So on which days can we endorse white candidates?

American Sniper is the Biggest Box Office Hit of 2014


American Sniper beat both Mockingjay and Guardians of the Galaxy

Muslims Kill Charlie Hebdo Cartoonists, Name Them Islamophobes of the Year


If they had their way, all Islamophobe awards would be posthumous.

Obama Economy: Record Number of Americans Out of Work


We’re still not out of the Carter years

Obama Learned Hillary was Using Private Emails, Same Way He Learned About IRS, VA and Fast and Furious Scandals


Maybe Obama will one day find out that he’s been impeached… from the media.

University of California Students Voted to Ban American Flag as Hate Speech


“Freedom of speech, in a space that aims to be as inclusive as possible, can be interpreted as hate speech.”

Media Mentions Color of Muslim Airport Attacker’s Car, Not Her Religion


Her likes include ICNA and terror apologist Zakir Naik.

Ex-Chief Rabbi of Israel: Real Enemy Too Powerful to Name


“We can’t afford to point our finger at the true culprit.”

UK Muslim Gender Equality Activist has Two Wives


Obviously he’s a moderate. He’s limiting himself to two.