Haitians Protest Clinton Foundation Over Missing Recovery Cash

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bill Clinton

The flat broke Clintons needed it more than the homeless Haitians.

A Year From Now You’ll Never Have to Hear About Lena Dunham Again

You didn't really want to see a picture of Schultz here

The numbers are out for the fourth season of HBO’s Girls… and they’re ugly.

Another Muslim Convert Caught in Terror Plot, to Bomb US Capitol


“He never showed any signs of violence or anything.”

Obama Jokes Forbidden, but Boston Globe Can Joke About Killing Boehner


“If a commenter said this about Obama, the FBI would be at their door.”

This May Be the Best Cartoon Response to the Charlie Hebdo Massacre


“No, you can’t murder our freedom.”

Top Member of Obama Supported Terror Group Vows “Retaliation” Against US

“Allah will gather them so that we can kill them.”

Obama Exits Afghanistan, ISIS Moves In


ISIS is recruiting fighters and flying black flags

Is Rand Paul’s Only Skill Pretending that Words Mean the Opposite?

public domain image

Judicial activism isn’t needed to strike down ObamaCare.

Rabbi Says European Jews Need Right to Bear Arms


French gun laws haven’t worked out too well for anyone except Muslim terrorists.

Carter: Muslim Terror Attacks Will Show West Islam is Great


“I think this is going to give a lot of people incentive to look into Islamicism.”