Obama Blew $120 Billion on Global Warming


What could you do with 120 billion dollars?

Detroit Woman Dead for 4 Years Went on Voting


Ignore the walking voting dead.

Two State ObamaCare Exchanges Under Federal Investigation

Becca Pearce and Dr. Josh Sharfstein

Where’s the investigation of Healthcare.gov?

FDR to Stalin: “I Would Give Saudi King 6 Million Jews”


“We know there is no Jewish blood in our veins, “

Rich Communist Labor Leader Who Lived in Subsidized Housing Dies


‘Where does it say that a socialist can’t live in a council house? Did Karl Marx write that?’

Michelle Obama’s Food Police Take on Global Warming


That means less food and more expensive food

Green Energy Causes 18% Rise in Chicago Energy Bills


5 percent of the power will come from Illinois wind farms.

SEIU, Insane Leftists Protests $100 Mil Koch Donation to Hospital


“Healthcare is a human right! Medicare for ALL now!”

Chinese Communists Remind American Leftists What Torture Really Is


“The sickening crunch reverberated in his mind,”

CBS Reporter Investigating Fast and Furious and Benghazi Resigns Over Liberal Bias


The bulk of Attkisson’s work focused on the failures of the Obama administration