Biden Puts “42-Year Reputation On the Line” Promising Iran Won’t Get Nukes


No nuclear Holocaust or your money back.

Murdered Israeli Woman: “They Must Pay the Price for their Terror. It Is the Only Way to Stop Terrorism.”


They refused to listen when she was alive. Will they listen now that she’s dead?

Rush Limbaugh on The Point and the Dem Civil War


“They want to transform it into a giant community organizer paradise and utopia.”

ObamaCare Architect: We Fooled Them That ObamaCare Wasn’t a Tax due to “Stupidity of the American Voter”


Gruber reminds us once how much contempt the liberal elite has for Americans.

Middle Aged Man Punches Out Hamas Terrorist Attacking Soldier


“We have a passion for death like our enemies desire in life.”

Muslim Terrorist Released by Israel Stabs Young Woman in the Neck


If he was released in one of the peace deals, then this is more Israeli blood on Obama’s hands.

Valerie Jarrett has an Enemies List and She’s Checking it Twice


“Mr. President, I don’t understand how you’re not getting eighty-five percent of the vote.”

Obama Is Fighting w/Reid and Biden


Obama angrily cut Biden off,

Washington Post: America Must Declare War on Food


We can start bombing wheatfields and machine gunning cows.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: The American People Believe In Us, That’s Why They Voted Against Us


“We’re going to talk to the smartest people in our party”