800 “Palestinians” Involved in Asylum Fraud in Norway

Mahmoud Abbas

400 of these are citizens of Jordan

Both Global Warming Nobel Prize Winners Accused of Being Sexual Predators


You can’t trust them with your daughter. Why should you trust them with your future?

Keith Olbermann Still Can’t Keep a Job Anywhere


“There are days now when my line of work makes me cry.”

ISIS Gets Serious, Threatens to Flood Europe with 500,000 Immigrants

history repeats itself

The fighters would then run amok in southern European cities

Black Group Sues Sharpton, NAACP for Racial Discrimination


Sharpton called the lawsuit a “bogus statement from a person who has no credibility”

CAIR Declares Islamophobia Watch for Bomb Threat Made by a Muslim


“I feel like hatred is a common threat in the Muslim community.”

Asian-Americans Rally Behind Officer Liang Who Shot Drug Dealer


“You think Ferguson was bad, you keep killing us here in New York and getting away with it, you haven’t seen anything yet.”

How the Media is Trying to Deny Justice to the American Victims of PLO Terrorism

Yassir Arafat alt small

“I kept saying to myself, ‘No, I’m 12 years old, and I’m from New York, and I’m going to stay alive.’ ”

Sweden’s Multicultural Center Expert on Islamophobia Joins ISIS


And if the whole ISIS thing doesn’t work out, he can always go back to the Islamophobia racket

Brother of Dead Hostage: Obama’s Taliban Swap Led to ISIS Demands


“I actually asked the president that question when we were in the White House.”