Copenhagen Muslim Terrorist Consumed w/Hate for Jews, Uploaded Jihad Videos


“Anyone who makes a mockery of Islam deserves to die.”

Polk Awards Responds to Paris Attacks by Honoring Critic of Mohammed Cartoons


Gary Trudeau hasn’t been relevant since the 80s.

Even Hillary Clinton Supporters Getting Sick of Her Fundraising


“I’ll be ready for Hillary when Hillary’s ready for Hillary.”

Women Defy Imam to Carry Murdered Woman’s Coffin


“It is the result of the radical Islamic atmosphere created by the government.”

Obama Claims Islamic State Murder of Christians Unrelated to Christianity


“A Message Signed With Blood to the Nation of the Cross.”

Even President Bush Got Involved Trying to Stop Obama’s Pro-Iran Tilt


Obama isn’t just selling out Israel to Iran. He’s also selling out the Sunnis in Iraq to Iran.

Why is Egypt Doing More to Protect Middle Eastern Christians Than Obama?


The brutal murders of Christians stemmed from Obama’s war.

Social Justice Warrior Twitter Mobs are the Same Old Left


You get this same kind of thing from old Commies

Mayor Arms French Cops, Accused of Turning City into Wild West


“From now on, the municipal police has a new friend.”

Copenhagen Synagogue Targeted by Muslim Terrorists 30 Years Ago

muslims jews

“The heavy wooden doors of the synagogue were blown down.”