Biden Bashes Israel at Think Tank Funded by Hamas Donor

biden arafat

Biden criticized expansion of Jewish settlements “in the West Bank and East Jerusalem”

Family of Man Shot by Cop Don’t Want Sharpton at Funeral


Sharpton sees “money and political gain and that he is turning the tragedy into a circus.”

Dem Missouri Gov Protected Ferguson Looters Not Small Businesses


“You didn’t want to have a Kent State situation.”

Fort Hood Jihad Victims Won’t Be Getting Purple Hearts As Long as Obama is in Office


We’re at war. And that’s something leftists have desperately tried to cover up.

I’m Going To Make It So “Not One Person is Quote ‘Thrown Out’ or ‘Deported'”


Who needs Obama when we have Republicans willing to do this?

Venezeula’s Insane Socialist President Keeps Accusing People of Wanting to Kill Him

maduro chavez

Sometimes we call world leaders insane because they’re mean and kill lots of people.

The New Republic Goes Full Gawker


The media is rapidly being divided into two categories.

Black Cornell Prof: White Progressives are Race Traitors Committing Race Suicide


“The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race”

Even the State Department Spokeswoman Thinks What She’s Saying is Ridiculous


“That Egypt line is ridiculous,” she says.

US Judge Agrees to Al Qaeda Commander’s Ban on Female Guards


Muslim terrorists are enforcing Sharia law on Americans at Gitmo.