Boston Bomber’s Wife Bought “Islam for Dummies”


No wonder she thought it was a religion of peace

Iran Seizes Cargo Ship w/34 Sailors on Board


The channel said the force had “opened fire” on the U.S. ship, which had 34 U.S. sailors aboard.

Bad Novelist Unclear What Murdering Cartoonists has to do w/Free Speech

“A hideous crime was committed, but was it a freedom-of-speech issue?”

Hillary Fundraiser Quits Over Dark Foreign Money Cash


The rats are starting to abandon the S.S. Hillary.

Obama Inc. Again Tries to Blame Bush for ISIS

If the Obama Admin had a motto, it would be, “Bush did it!”

15 Baltimore Cops Injured by Brick Throwing #BlackLivesMatter Protesters

…but good news, Al Sharpton is on the case

“No Jewish Flag” Allowed in Berlin Over Fear of Muslim Violence


“First they came for the Jews…”

Freed Gitmo Terrorists Kicked Out of Hotel Demand Money from US


Clearly their lefty lawyers have taught these terrorists some very important life skills.

Baltimore Dem Mayor: “We Gave Space To Those Who Wished to Destroy”

The City of Baltimore should be on the hook for all the damage and injuries caused by her decision.

Congressman Elijah Cummings Says Baltimore Riots Could Have Been Worse


“I got to give it to the citizens of Baltimore”