Bill and Hillary Produced the Ultimate Entitled Offspring


Dynasties come with built in wealth and privilege.

Post-Benghazi Memo to Hillary Blamed Muslim Brotherhood Linked Militia


A major element in the Benghazi coverup is the role of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Sorry Politico, Republicans Aren’t Dying Off


Voters turn more conservative as they get older.

Expecting the Iraqi Army to Beat ISIS May Be Unrealistic


Obama’s ISIS strategy depends, officially, on the Iraqi military beating ISIS.

Kerry Gets Tough, Threatens to Refer North Korea to International Criminal Court


What will North Korea possibly do if we refer it to the International Criminal Court?

Dem: Not Giving Free Education to Prisoners is Just Like Slavery


Everything is just like slavery these days.

Obama: ISIS a “Fantasy That Can’t Function in the World”


So it’s just like ObamaCare.

Ex-Islamist: Islam Teaches You to Grow Up with Low Self-Esteem… Without the Collective You’re Lost


“Go to your average sociology class and it’s very much about making Muslims victims of Islamophobia.”

Affirmative Action Firefighter Refuses to Fight Fires


“Some civilian will end up injured or killed.”

Dem Loretta “Vietnamese Want My Seat” Sanchez Aims for Senate, Still a Racist


The left refuses to talk about minority racism and tribalism