Ziad Abu Ein: Latest “Palestinian” Martyr is Murderer of Two


Since he appeared to have died of being out of shape and angry, it’s not clear if he gets 72 virgins.

Obama Endorses Garner Protesters Terrorizing Christmas Tree Lighting, Children


“A country’s conscience sometimes has to be triggered by some inconvenience.”

Facebook Millionaire’s Boyfriend’s Plans to Become First Gay President Don’t Look Good

Worst political kerning ever

It’s going to take a lot of mansions to make this boy’s dream come true.

Canadian Muslim Paper Celebrates Synagogue Massacre of Rabbis

muslim jewish interfaith

This is taking place in a country where peaceful protesters against Islam have been arrested

MSNBC: “Arson and Looting… are not Necessarily Violence.”

Not a photoshop

Cleaning out a local bakery is a violent attack on its owner’s ability to earn a living

A Little Reminder of What Al Qaeda and the Taliban Considered Torture


“Then we would leave them with no food or water in rooms filled with insects until they died.”

New Democratic Plan: Let’s Secede from the South


All it took was one election for Dems to come around to the Confederacy.

NYPD Cops Shoot Synagogue Stabber Screaming: “I Want to Kill the Jew!”


The NYPD is doing its job. Because #AllLivesMatter.

Obama Inc. Claims Iran Made Concessions, Iran Says It Didn’t


How bad is Obama? So bad Iran is more trustworthy than him.

Palestinian Authority Leader: “If They Want to Take Me Down, I Will Take Them Along With Me”


“I’ll take you down with me” has been the PLO’s only honest slogan.