Ana Marie Cox’s Cynical “War on Women” Attack on Breitbart


Cox isn’t offended by sexism. She doesn’t represent women.

29 Muslim Terrorists Accidentally Blow Themselves Up


Muslims have been having a lot of bad luck with car bombs

IRS: Only Conservatives, Not Leftists, Targeted


The IRS’s political targeting did not apply to progressive groups

Mozilla Firefox Falls to 3rd Place, Hits Lowest User Level Ever


It’s not hard to see why Firefox is doomed.

Cartel Gun Smuggler/Attorney General Wants Mandatory Gun Tracking Bracelets


“We can make sure that people have the ability to enjoy their Second Amendment rights,”

Noah Falls 61.1% in Second Weekend


It’s hard to say whether Noah will lose or make money

Al Qaeda Terrorist Freed from Gitmo Finally Blown Away in Syria


Ibrahim Bin Shakaran has gone to the big Gitmo in the sky.

CIA Deputy Director Removed “Islamic” from Benghazi Talking Points to Avoid Offending Muslims


You don’t want to offend Muslims in talking points about a Muslim act of terror.

Democrats Stole $75,000 in TV’s from DNC Convention


The Party of Crooks and Thieves just can’t stop stealing.

Despite Legalization, Drug Dealers Continue to Do Business and Kill in Colorado

A woman holds a sign at a pro-marijuana rally at the University of Colorado in Boulder

“If you can get it tax-free on the corner, you’re going to get it on the corner.”