GOP Rep. Silenced on House Floor: “This is why the people have thrown you out of power.”

Dems try to silence retiring Congressman Buyer on the House floor. His response reflects how the American people feel.

Why We’re Broke

As a rule, whenever things look bad for the retail industry overall, things tend to perk up for less expensive venues like secondhand stores and thrift stores. That is the situation now, according to Consumer Reports: [S]econdhand stores are getting in on the Black Friday selling-spree this year. Due to the Recession and general belt-tightening, [...]

NewsReal Sunday: Mad Men Star Thinks Having Kids is Irresponsibly Hurting Environment

Mad Men’s Vincent Kartheiser tells MSNBC that he doesn’t have kids because he’s green and responsible.

Washington Post and Democrat Pollsters Ask Obama to Not Run in 2012

Smart Democrats are hoping Obama just gets out of the way for new leadership – even suggesting he not run again.

NewsReal Sunday:Democrats Kissed Faith Voters Goodbye this Election

Dems gave up on faith voters in 2010 and it bit them bad.

White House Phones NBC News To Tell Them How To Do Their Job

The administration tries to direct NBC News on how to cover a story.

Chris Matthews Verbally Attacks Bachmann to Her Face During Election Coverage

MsNBC ruthlessly attacked Republicans and the American people all election night. Chris Matthews was hateful with Michele Bachmann.

Powerful Saudi Prince Says Mosque Should be Moved From Ground Zero- “Out of Respect”

Billionaire Saudie Prince and Rauf contributor tells the Imam to move the Ground Zero mosque.

My blogger-husband is being sued for… linking to Mark Steyn’s website?

A short time ago, NewsReal readers got a surprise lesson in Canadian libel law when I was threatened with legal action for blogging (at my own site) about George Soros. It’s not my first “brush with the law”: in 2008, I was served — along with Ezra Levant and a group of other Canadian conservative [...]

Media Matters Hides Facts to Smear Recent Beck Event

Media Matters is distorting Glenn Beck events to argue he has an unpopular message.