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Obama United Nations

The U.S. President began his speech to an audience that included Ahmadinejad, Qadhafi and Hugo Chavez by explaining, somewhat apologetically, that it is his responsibility to defend the interests of his nation.

But since Barack Obama never opens his mouth without  speaking out of both sides of it, you have to wait for the punch line to see what he really means.

Did he point out to the assembled dictators and terrorists that for 9 years America has been leading the war against terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq and thereby protecting not only its own interests but those of all people who love their freedom? No. He used the UN podium first to give a partisan political speech continually attacking the Bush Administration and then announced with pride what he had done in only 9 months in office: stop American torturers, close America’s torture chambers on Guantanamo, and leave Iraq (as though we were there for blood and oil). And to top it off, under Obama we had joined Qadhafi and Ahmadinejad and Fidel Castro on the UN’s evil “Human Rights Council” which has issued hundreds of condemnations of Israel and none of Hizbollah, Iran and Hamas.

Behold, in other words, “the new United States” — as Fox reported it. And of course following his attacks on the United States and Bush were attacks on Israel, the nation on the front lines of the war against terror. Palestinians, the President said, should stop their “volatile incitements” against Israel, while Israel should recognize the legitimate rights of the Palestinians (as though it doesn’t) and “end the occupation that began in 1967″ — the occupation that resulted from an unprovoked Arab war of aggression against Israel followed by an Arab refusal to sign a peace treaty in exchange for Israeli withdrawal.

As an American and a Jew I found the President’s speech an offensive betrayal of America’s interests. The rest of the speech was dangerous hot air about the world cooperating. “The yearning for peace is universal” Obama said. Oh no it isn’t. Tell that that to Ahmadinejad, Qaddafi,  and Chavez.