Banman Will Save Us! … From Ourselves?

Banny Bloomberg lives up to FrontPageMag’s motto that “Inside Every Liberal is a Totalitarian Screaming to Get Out.”

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“Save lives”

That’s what NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg said was his reason for attempting to ban large sodas in New York City after a Judge overturned his would-be ban. “Save Lives.” As if he’s a hero, or a Superhero named Banman, one who wants to save us from ourselves. Save us from smoking, trans-fats, salt, etc. etc.

And Here’s radio host Mark Levin reacting to Bloomberg floating the idea of banning Styrofoam.

My last cartoon of Bloomberg depicted him as the poster boy for Front Page Magazine’s new motto, “Inside Every Liberal is a Totalitarian Screaming to Get Out”.

Bloomberg is so bad that even the rotten Bill Maher has had enough, to the point where he mocked him recently. I want to see more of that because I haven’t heard a peep out of Bloomberg since.

While Bloomberg’s looking to save us from ourselves, who’s going to save us from him? I don’t know, but mocking him seems to shut him up for a bit. I’ll be doing my part with my art…..

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