Russia's Good Islam vs Bad Islam War

Two suicide bombings in two weeks and a shooting inside a Dagestan mosque are making it clear to Putin that his Eurasianism is as hopeless as Europe's EUism. Dagestan is turning into the new Chechnya and Russia's government controlled clerics and mosques are on the front lines of a war between Muslims loyal to Russia and Muslims loyal to Islam.

A woman suicide bomber killed an influential Islamic cleric and six of his followers in Russia's southern Dagestan region on Tuesday as President Vladimir Putin visited another mainly Muslim province and called for an end to religious violence.

A suicide bomber killed at least seven policemen attending the funeral of a colleague in Russia's volatile Caucasus region of Ingushetia, hours after masked gunmen opened fire in a mosque in nearby Dagestan province, killing one person.

The Caucasus is an Afghanistan that Russia can't pull out of. It's the ultimate nightmare and it's how the Saudis and their Gulf allies plan to break the other superpower.

This is classic Cold War proxy warfare with the Saudis pouring money into Islamic terrorist groups and the Russians setting up puppet regimes to hold them back. Unlike Afghanistan, the United States is out of the picture. This is a fight between the Russian Bear and the Caliphate Hyena and it's going to get even uglier than this.

The Russian version of European integration was backed by government clerics and a secret police with no qualms about murder. If the Russians can't keep Greater Russia together with a totalitarian state... how can the European Union hope to keep Europe together?

Russia's war is a preview of Europe's coming war.

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