SNP Socialist Plan for Scottish Independence Doomed

Almost nine out of 10 Scottish households take more from the public purse than they contribute in taxes thanks to a “rotten system” of state patronage.

The SNP is probably the worst thing that ever happened to Scotland since Edward I. Their shameless pandering, not least of all to Muslim terrorists, is now finally coming undone. First the Scottish National Party discovered that it couldn't keep the support of Islamists while pushing gay marriage. Now its ridiculous independence bid is running into the contradiction of being anti-nuclear while still being part of NATO.

And then there is this minor economic problem...

Almost nine out of 10 Scottish households take more from the public purse than they contribute in taxes thanks to a “rotten system” of state patronage.

Ruth Davidson, the Scottish Conservative leader, is to highlight official figures showing that only 283,080 households north of the border – 12 per cent of the total – pay more in tax than they receive in public services.

She will tell delegates that, because the public sector is seen as the key provider of everything from housing to employment, state spending now accounts for more than half Scotland’s wealth.

“The rotten system of patronage, which denies so many people real choices in their lives, has created a corrosive sense of entitlement which suits its political gang masters,” she will say. “Only 12 per cent are responsible for generating Scotland’s wealth. I wonder how many of them work on public sector contracts.”

Referring to her party’s dismal election record, the Scottish Conservative leader will conclude: “If the gang master state is the only provider people can see for their housing, education and employment, it’s no surprise those who seek to break the stranglehold find barriers in their way.”

The system of patronage is the same one that the left sets up everywhere, but in Scotland it worked because Scotland could draw on the UK. If independence happens, then the alternative is drawing on the EU and the EU already has too many open hands to fill. Scotland without the UK is in a worse position than Greece or Spain and not all the fake SNP windmills in the world are ever going to change that.

The bitter pill for Scottish nationalists is that it's the SNP that has made Scottish independence so unworkable. Independence rests on economic independence. Under the SNP there's only economic serfdom and it is quite likely that the SNP only pushes independence as a negotiating strategy, that it has no authentic interest in independence because it's economically unworkable.

The SNP draws its popularity from more social spending and from independence. The two contradict one another. And without the social spending, the SNP would no longer be able to lock down elections.

The SNP has been buoyed by Hollywood Scottish celebrities like Sean Connery and by massive spending. It has no genuine plan for an independent Scotland. Its plan is for an eternally dependent Scotland forever dreaming of independence.

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