When an Islamist Shaves his Beard, it Means He's About to Kill

"Salafism is a form of Nazism," said Richard Prasquier, president of the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions (CRIF )

That's one of the cultural differences that we can glean from the French crackdown on Muslim Anti-Semitic terrorist cells around the country.

French authorities ban racial and religious statistics, yet most anti-Semitic attacks perpetrated in recent years evidently were committed by young Muslims.

This is not Anti-Zionism and there is increasingly no room for more of the equivocation over Israeli policies. This is a war against Jews for being Jews. It's the essence of racism that is written into the ideological DNA of Islam.

French police who raided an Islamic terror cell over the weekend found documents showing the ring was planning new attacks against the Jewish community: 27,000 euros in cash, a list of Jewish organizations in the Paris area, ammunition, Islamist manuals and "extremely" anti-Semitic documents. But authorities say that even after the raid, there are still several similar anti-Semitic cells across the country.

"Radical Islamism ... thrives on fantasies, on hatred towards our country and towards French Jews," said Interior Minister Manuel Valls, who warned that these small local cells are even harder to fight than international jihadist movements. "It's all the more difficult to battle against these groups when they're local. They're not foreign terror networks that come from outside, but networks that have grown in our country, our neighborhoods. They're not foreigners but French converts, French Muslims."

Half of the gang members live in Cannes, where they went to the same mosque as Louis-Sidney, including a man who allegedly went to Sarcelles to plan the attack on the kosher supermarket.

Naturally we are not supposed to discuss why mosques keep being organizing points for Islamic terror. Instead we are supposed to disavow NYPD surveillance of mosques and entrapment of Innocent terrorists. But French law enforcement appears to be displaying less political correctness in the wake of the Toulouse massacre.

Louis-Sidney came under the radar when he traveled to North African countries to meet with local imams, and started preaching radical Islam to younger Muslims. Interior Intelligence then added him to the jihadist threat list, although unlike Merah, he'd never been to a jihadist training camp abroad.

When police noticed he had shaved his beard on Friday, a day before the raid, they decided to act quickly.

"Until then he had a thick beard. Shaving it can mean an Islamist is about to turn to action," said Strasbourg prosecutor Poirret.

They also found five wills, including Jeremie Louis-Sidney's, indicating he "probably wanted to die like a martyr," said Strasbourg's public prosecutor Patrick Poirret.

Guess he made up his mind. French Jewish leaders are now directly assigning the blame to Salafis and comparing them to Nazis. A comparison that would also take in the Muslim Brotherhood.

"Salafism is a form of Nazism," said Richard Prasquier, president of the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions (CRIF ). "We don't want to associate in any way moderate Islam and Salafist extremists, yet I'd like to hear Muslim leaders not only say that anti-Semitism must be fought, but actually take serious action against it," said Joel Mergui, president of the Consistoire, another prominent French Jewish organization.

Salafism is just authentic Islam, unfiltered and raw. But Muslim leaders are blaming French society and poverty, because Muslims form terrorist cells to kill Jews in the name of Islam because there aren't enough social benefits.

Yet the head of France's Muslim Council said his community had no responsibility for growing extremism. "More than a million Muslims pray in French mosques, yet they don't turn violent. Extremist preachers don't have any influence on them," said Mohammed Moussaoui. "The ones who turn violent are not common worshipers, but former delinquents ... who have been to public schools and youth detention centers. Society as a whole should wonder whether it's responsible for this."

But Muslims like Mo never wonder if they're responsible for this. They never are. That alone discredits any claims that Islam has to being a moral faith. Moral faiths take responsibility. Immoral ones kill and blame their victims for their own deaths.