Most Transparent Administration Ever Conducting Business Using Secret Email Accounts

Hope, Change and hoping no one finds out. That's the Obama way.

Hope, Change and hoping no one finds out. That's the Obama way.

The internal EPA memo, which was referenced in a Government Accountability Office report in 2008, described the secondary accounts as known only to "few EPA staff members, usually only high-level senior staff."

Many such officials would be either presidential appointees or politically appointed members of the federal civil service system's Senior Executive Service. The agency's current boss, Administrator Lisa Jackson, was appointed by President Obama.

Federal law requires all government employees to use only official email accounts. If they do use a private account to do official business, however, they are required to make that available to their employing department or agency.

What does Lisa Jackson call herself when she's pretending that she's a KGB agent infiltrating America to bring down the capitalist system? Richard Windsor.

Horner said two former “fairly senior” EPA officials contacted him while he was researching his book, and gave him the name of one of the email alias names used by EPA Chief Jackson.

“Richard Windsor” was just “[o]ne of the alternate email addresses she used,” according to Horner, meaning there could be more.

David Horowitz described how so many American Communists of the period thought of themselves as secret agents complete with aliases for their secret self.

 In their own minds, Ann and my parents were secret agents. When they joined the Communist Party, they had even been given secret names for the time when their true objective would require them to abandon the facade of their liberal politics and go underground to take the lead in the revolutionary struggle. (My mother’s secret name was “Anne Powers,” which always struck me as terribly WASPY.) All their legitimate political activities were merely preparations or fronts for the real tasks of their political commitment, which they could discuss only with other secret agents like themselves. Their activities in the democratic organizations they entered and controlled and in the liberal campaigns they promoted were all part of their secret service.

There was a time when such worries were confined to isolated people. Never before have we had an entire government made up of people such as this.