Conservative Talk Radio Show in Minnesota Under Threat

Minnesota is not exactly the most conservative place in America. And it's in places like that where it's crucial for there to be a pushback against the left. Guy Green has been performing that role with his show The Speakeasy, funding the show with his own money and bringing conservative guests on the air. Those guests have included many Front Page Magazine personalities, including David Horowitz, Robert Spencer, Andrew McCarthy and myself.

Now the existence of The Speakeasy is endangered. Even though Guy Green has paid for the show out of his own savings, the buyout of the station combined with complaints by a local liberal politician has put its survival at risk. The station has attempted to neuter The Speakeasy's content and the last interview Guy was able to do was with Robert Spencer discussing the persecution of Minnesota's own Michele Bachmann. And now a show about the political censorship of the left may be its final show.

"The Speakeasy is both a labor of love and necessity," Guy Green writes of his work, "Radio truly is a slowing down, a savoring of sorts, an activity as opposed to a pastime. I think that is something for which our times are clamoring. We are much better off lending our attention to what amounts to a book with sound effects, free to paint the living room, prepare dinner, or cruise down the endless black ribbon with the top down while doing so, than being fastened to the sofa, unable to even glance away for an instant lest we miss the latest wardrobe malfunction. Besides, once you actually SEE a talking gecko, walking erect and peddling car insurance, there isn’t really much sense in maintaining an imagination, now is there? I love radio for what it is, and for what it isn’t."

Now Guy Green needs our support to stay on the air. His station, 3WI Radio · 95.9FM · 1270AM, can be reached at 305 West Washington Street · Brainerd, MN 56401 · Phone: 218-828-9994. And by email at [email protected]. If you do contact them, be polite, rather than abrasive.

The local newspaper is the Brainerd Dispatch and it accepts reader commentary here.

In the battle for the future of this country, we need voices like those of Guy Green on our side.