Drunk Muslim Attacks Italian Fiance W/Broken Vodka Bottle for "Taking Name of Allah in Vain"

The Gazetta Iblea had the headline: "Paki handcuffed in the name of Allah". Insula Report was more exact: "Rage in the name of Allah and Vodka"

No one expects the drunk Pakistani Muslim Inquisition. But when Muslim migrants begin filling up a country, then it comes anyway.

On Wednesday night, a woman, described by local journalists as "a 32-year-old Ragusan" received a visit in her home from her "fiancé", Amran Jhah Syed Ali, a 23-year-old unemployed Pakistani asylum seeker. The Paki had arrived with a friend from Chad to watch a film on the television. They took advantage of the opportunity to empty a bottle of vodka between them.

This touching scene of multi-ethnic fraternisation was brutally interrupted when the Italian woman pronounced the name of Allah in vain. Her "fiancé" then attacked her after having broken the vodka bottle in fury. The Chadean, who tried to calm him down, was injured in the hand.

The woman took refuge in her bedroom, where she locked herself in and called the carabinieri for help, at around 1 am, while the fiancé tried to break the door down.

When they arrived, the carabinieri noted that the two immigrants were in a state of intoxication and that the furniture in the flat had been devastated. The Paki had also injured himself in the hand, either when breaking the bottle or punching the door. An ambulance took him to the emergency ward with the Chadean. The Italian woman, still in shock, went to stay with a friend.

But like a true warrior of Allah and lion of Pakistan, Amran Jhah Syed Ali, didn't give up just because he had been taken away in an ambulance. For Amran knew that the infidel justice system is weak. The infidels would provide him with free medical care and then he would be back on the street again... that very night.

But the night continued to be agitated for everyone. Once his had been treated, the Paki then started looking for his fiancée. He went to the house of the friend where his shouting forced the carabinieri to intervene again, at 3 am. "A patrol brought the individual, visibly agitated and still under the effects of alcohol, to the asylum seeker community centre".

Arman had tried to violently assault his girlfriend twice. The first time he got free medical treatment. And was not arrested. The second time he was still not arrested, but was taken to a community center for migrants. If this isn't liberalism in action, I don't know what is.

And no, it wasn't over.

He went to the friend's house again and smashed in the front door with a large rock. Two cars of carabinieri came to the rescue. The Paki was finally arrested, not without difficulty, and he was placed in handcuffs, after which he attacked one of the officers and fought to the ground with him. He was placed in provision detention in Ragusa prison.

Amran Jhah Syed Ali was charged with resistance and violence to an agent of public order, assault and wounding, aggravated threats, damage to property.

Among the local newspapers, the Gazetta Iblea had the headline : "Paki handcuffed in the name of Allah". The Corriere di Ragusa is more descriptive : "He attacked his fiancée who pronounces the name of Allah in vain". Insula Report is more balanced and without doubt more exact: "Rage in the name of Allah and vodka"

Vodka, domestic abuse and theocracy. It's the perfect combination for the new Europe.