Muslim Teen Stabs His Abused Sister 107 Times in Honor-Killing, Gets 8 Years

"This is an incredibly harsh sentence. My client is in shock," his defense attorney said. "I do not share at all the district court's perception of the seriousness of the offense."

That's not in Jordan or Pakistan. It's in Sweden. But there doesn't seem to be much of a difference anymore. If you want to understand why Sweden has the second-highest rape rate in the world, it's not just because Stockholm and Malmo are overflowing with Muslims, but because the political system and the judiciary give them a pass on their horrifying crimes.

This is Maria's story. This is how her life ended.

A 17-year-old Iraqi Kurd in Landskrona sentenced to eight years in prison for the murder of his sister Maria. According to the court was the motive for the act to restore family honor.

The 19-year-old woman was killed by 107 wounds with two knives and scissors to different parts of the body. According to a legal medical report, it took several minutes to inflict her injuries. The district court wrote that damages therefore caused her great suffering and high death anxiety.

The Court also established that the brother on more than one occasions before the murder intimidated his sister and called her demeaning epithets like whore and slut.

His sister had returned to Landskrona after she broke up from a forced marriage in Iraq. She was found dead in his apartment in Landskrona on the evening of 23 April, the day after her birthday.

The call to Maria - who only had six days left to live - came from two psychology students doing a study for an organization working to prevent honor killings.

Maria told them: "I was born and raised in Stockholm. Before I turned twelve, I was kidnapped to Kurdistan with my brothers ... When I was 15, I was raped and married off. "

Arranged marriage is a business arrangement between Mary's father and 30-year-old Majed.

The price of Maria - so reads the marriage certificate from the 5 May 2009 - is 90 grams of 21 carat gold. Three months after the wedding, she takes it to Sweden. The trip is part of Majeds future plans. Maria is traveling first and he come after by family ties. Maria herself has other plans.

Once in Sweden Maria refuses to touch with Majed. He calls and threatens her but Maria stays in Sweden, but nothing is as she had hoped.

Police and paramedics were alerted to the site as 16-year-old brother, who was left at the site and had heavily bloodied clothes.

But he didn't have too much to worry about it, because it was Sweden after all. All he got was 8 years in prison for murdering his sister.

"I thought the sentence was very strong, it was a very tough punishment. I do not share at all the district court's perception of the seriousness of the offense," says the 17-year-old's  defense attorney, Mr. Jansson.

"This is an incredibly harsh sentence. My client is in shock," Urban Jansson, told the TT news agency.