Obama Picks Welfare over Seniors, Will Cut Medicare, But Not Medicaid

Death panels, yes. Chicago voters getting a job, no.

Now that Obama has won his final election, he has begun showing his true face. And that includes prioritizing his welfare base over America's seniors.

The White House is willing to make bigger Medicare cuts in order to protect Medicaid, senior economic adviser Gene Sperling said Thursday. Sperling said the White House is no longer willing to make even the Medicaid cuts it had previously supported, but acknowledged that puts more pressure on Medicare.

“We are not willing to accept even the Medicaid savings that we had once put on the table … Medicaid savings, Medicaid cuts, for this administration, are not on the table,” Sperling said at a conference organized by the advocacy group Families USA.

Medicaid has long been seen as an easier political target than Medicare, because Medicare serves older Americans. Although congressional Republicans support dramatic cuts in Medicare benefits, the party has also hammered President Obama for reducing payments to doctors and insurance companies by roughly $716 billion.
But the administration has decided to accept a fight over Medicare in order to protect Medicaid, Sperling said.

“It means we’re going to have to look harder for Medicare savings, and those savings may be more difficult politically because of he choices we’ve made,” Sperling said. “If you decide you are going to protect Medicaid more, it means you’re going to have to make some tough choices in other places.”

Let's translate that into English. Death panels, yes. Chicago voters getting a job, no.