There Is No Media Silence on Drone Assassinations

"War is hell. And there is no constitutional doctrine that exempts American citizens from that hell when they choose to wage war against their own country."

The media has never been silent about drone assassinations. Instead it has been pushing all the anti-drone and pro-Awlaki stories that some conservative blogs decided to pick up in the last two days. And then they began shouting that the media was hypocritical for not talking enough about drone assassinations and Anwar Al-Awlaki.

Opposition to the War on Terror is not a conservative agenda. It's a liberal agenda. The media has been talking about it and will go on talking about it until either all the terrorists go away or all the non-terrorists do.

"Entrusting the Kill List to 'High-Level Officials' Sets a Reckless Precedent" The Atlantic shrieks.

"Drone Worries to Put Charge in CIA Hearing: Obama's Nomination of John Brennan as Spy Chief Gives Senators Chance to Question Overseer of Targeted Killing Program" quoth the Wall Street Journal.

The Washington Post Editorial Board blasts Obama over it. "Outrage Mounts in Media Over Obama Drone 'Kill Rules'" screams The Nation.

There's more hysteria at NBC News, the San Francisco Chronicle and the Dallas Morning News. The only place the "media silence" exists is in the echo chambers of blogs that have decided to pretend that the path to victory lies through making things up in the hopes of winning over the Michael Moore demographic.

Unless they're packing a lot of bacon bits, it's not going to happen.

Here's a rational article on the subject from the National Review.

If all this sounds harsh, or “chilling,” or scary, that’s because it is. War is hell. And there is no constitutional doctrine that exempts American citizens from that hell when they choose to wage war against their own country. Any other legal doctrine will create yet another perverse terrorist incentive: Can an American terrorist now be a unique human shield to prevent direct attack? An American al-Qaeda member would suddenly become the most deadly and dangerous of terrorists — enjoying unique legal protections not enjoyed by, say, Americans who wore German uniforms in World War II.

Or you can stand with Joe Scarborough.

“Here you have something truly chilling,” Scarborough said of the drone news. “Here you have the United States government saying, we can kill you, American citizen. You have no constitutional right to a jury by your peers. You have no constitutional right even to probable cause or to due process. You have no right to a lawyer. You have no right to counsel. You have no right to anything. If we suspect you, just suspect you, without evidence, that you were thinking about committing an act against the United States of America, we can kill you.”

There's your argument. And if half the blogs today seem to be sounding like the third-biggest fraud on MSNBC, you know something is wrong.