Copper Thieves Plunge Detroit Freeways into Darkness

Question: what is the difference between a city run by Democrats and a failed state run by warlords and militias?

Question: what is the difference between a city run by Democrats and a failed state run by warlords and militias?

Answer: the right to vote twice in American elections

Motor City is making a comeback. It just has to do its driving in the dark.

The Michigan Department of Transportation says one-fifth of the lights along freeways in Metro Detroit aren’t working — and copper thieves are mainly to blame.

MDOT spokesman Rob Morosi said roughly 20 percent of the lights on poles and beneath overpasses on freeways in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb and St. Clair counties are dark.

“We are responsible for about 5,500 light poles and also about 5,000 individual lights that are installed beneath overpasses,” Morosi told The Detroit News. “Right now we’re estimating 1,100 outages to those poles for a number of reasons.”

In other news from the city that came out 98 percent for Obama, the freeways, which have no lights anyway, are closed due to weather-related accidents. There's a backlog of 11,000 untested rape kits and the governor is looking for an emergency financial manager to take over its finances as it appears to be on the verge of bankruptcy with an $8.2 billion debt that would make it the largest municipal bankruptcy in American history.

Fortunately Mayor Bing had some reassuring, if ungrammatical, words of hope for the people of Detroit.

Despite our much-publicized financial issues, there is progress to report in the City of Detroit. The picture is not all doom and gloom. Everyday there are more signs of hope and possibilities.

Yes. Many, many signs. Like infrastructure investments in energy efficient lights.

Tonight, I am pleased to report significant progress in many areas. Our proposal to create a Detroit Public Lighting Authority that could invest as much as $160 million in infrastructure upgrades was backed by State Legislators and most recently by our City Council. Their votes of approval pave the way to begin turning on lights THIS year.

We have already repaired or replaced thousands of streetlights and installed hundreds of energy-efficient LED street lamps in many areas. And make no mistake; The City of Detroit will retain ownership and control of its public lighting system. And Detroiters will participate in the decisions on how our City will be lit.

At this rate Detroit will soon be on the copper standard. But I still think Mayor Bing is overlooking the obvious solution.

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