War on Women: Taliban Kill 20% More Women and Girls

Islam. Fighting the War on Women since the year 610.

...Islam. Fighting the War on Women since the year 610.

Afghanistan is going really well, as you might have heard. The negotiations with the Taliban are going smoothly and they just put in a bid to kill 20 percent more women and girls in the new united Afghan government.

In its annual report on the protection of civilians in armed conflict, the UN recorded 2,754 Afghan civilians being killed in 2012, a decrease of 12 per cent compared with 2011, and 4,805 being injured, a slight rise.

The overall decline was attributed in part to one of the worst winters on record impeding fighting. Fewer suicide bomb attacks and a fall in the number of air strikes also helped ease 2012’s death toll.

But while Global Warming or Global Freezing may have slowed down the Taliban's usual killing urges, not sleet, snow or rain can stop Islamists from killing women and girls in their Koranic appointed rounds.

But the report showed a 20 per cent increase in the number of women and girls killed or injured. Deliberate targeting by the Taliban and other insurgents also tripled in 2012, said the UN. Most were hit while in their homes or working in fields.

So the story appears to be that the Taliban are less focused on fighting than on conducting local purges while waiting for Obama to pull out and turn over the entire country to them.

The group’s promotion of insider attacks on foreign troops and the pin-pointing of military targets, the report said, showed “a heightened awareness” by Taliban leadership of a need to publicly demonstrate that it wants to protect Afghan civilians, and win “hearts and minds”.

But killing women is still the Islamist version of winning hearts and minds.