LA's Largest Teachers' Union Endorses Racist Anti-Semite for City Council

In 2002, Ron Gochez published a Letter to the Editor, at SDSU’s Daily Aztec, entitled “The Jewish-owned media continue to blind the masses with propaganda to keep them in fear.”

Can we start divesting from Teachers' Unions any time soon?

United Teachers Los Angeles made a bold and revealing statement about its radical political principles when the union endorsed Ron Gochez for L.A. City Council this month.

There are 12 candidates running for one position, but the UTLA endorsed two: Gochez and State Sen. Curren Price, who is much more likely to win, according to California Political News.

Ron Gochez happens to be a huge bigot who is affiliated with racist groups such as  MEChA, La Raza and the African People’s Socialist Party. And he also has a history of saying racist things.

In 2002, he published a Letter to the Editor, at SDSU’s Daily Aztec, entitled “The Jewish-owned media continue to blind the masses with propaganda to keep them in fear.”

At a UCLA rally, Gochez said, "Why is that these people... these frail, racist white people want to keep us out of this country? It's not simply because the color of our skin, it's not simply that they just want to exploit us, let me tell you why: because on this planet right now, six billion people... at the forefront of the movement is La Raza (the race)..."

Totally sounds nothing like Hitler. The Aztec removed Ron Gochez's original rant and then deleted the responses to it. But here they are again.


"Either you are with us or against us" is what Bush tells us. Our civil rights are under attack by this fascist and Nazi-like Bush administration. All people of color have been/are victims of racial profiling at the hands of the border, police, military, Republican and Democratic pigs. The post Sept. 11 disappearances of our Middle Eastern brothers and sisters are proof of that. As Chicanos/Mexicanos living in occupied Mexico/Aztlan, we are treated like foreigners on our own land. Our civil rights are violated 24/7. Don't believe me? Research Operation Gatekeeper and the 800 people who have been murdered under the rule of the "Republicrat" dictatorship. When we try to educate ourselves by passing out "Know Your Rights" fliers, we are beaten, arrested and made political prisoners like Ben Prado.

The Jewish-owned media continue to blind the masses with propaganda to keep them in fear. Because of that, foolish Americans are accepting B.S. like the Patriot Act which is turning the United States (if it is not already) into a military/police state and taking away our privacy. The FBI and CIA tap the phones and break into the homes of anyone who has a different viewpoint and assassinate those who pose a threat to their White Power and capitalistic agenda.

MEChA is completely against everything that Bush and his cronies stand for but we still deserve and demand that our people's civil rights be respected!

--Ron Gochez
chairman, MEChA de SDSU

And here are some of the responses to Gochez's hatefilled racist rant.

I am writing to urge the student body not to vote for Ron Gochez, who is running for the Associated Students vice president of external affairs. Gochez is a racist segregationist who continually spreads his message of hatred. Gochez labels all Caucasians as evil oppressors and accuses the "Jewish-owned media" of spreading propaganda.

Civil rights leaders, such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, MedgarEvers and Cesar Chavez fought against segregation and for racial unity. Gochez continues to spread the racial hatred that King, Evers, and Chavez fought against.

Any person who serves as a member of the Associated Students should strive to fight for the rights of all students, not just those of color. Associated Students needs members who seek to unify, not segregate, the student body. So I call upon you, the student body, to not elect Ron Gochez.

--Jennifer Weaver English junior


I am writing in response to Ron Gochez's letter to the editor. His empty words are filled with racist remarks and lies. As the President of the Jewish Student Union at SDSU, I take personal offense at his comments and beliefs that "Jewish-owned media continues to blind the masses with propaganda to keep them in fear." This lie is the language of hate speech perpetuated by anti-Semitic groups such asthe Ku Klux Klan.

I have sat on A.S. Council with Ron Gochez for over a year, and I considered him both a very sincere person and a friend. Disappointingly, this is no longer the case. Additionally, Ron ironically refers to those living in the Middle East as his "brothers and sisters." Israel, the Jewish homeland, is located in the Middle East. Therefore, Ron is stating that he considers Israelis/Jews as his "brothers and sisters." I believe this is ignorant and hypocritical.

Ron also believes that our society is run similar to the Nazi Regime. The Bush administration is not systematically mass murdering more than 6 million innocent people simply because they do not fit the "ideal" Aryan model.

Ron wants to be elected as SDSU's next Vice President of External Affairs. Ron actually wrote in his candidate statement, "enough with the racist policies," yet his feelings about Jews (and so many other groups) exemplify that he is a racist himself. I would not vote forh im as his contradictory statements show his great lack of character and respect toward our diverse student population.

Ron's head is filled with such erroneous lies and misconceptions.I do not know whether to laugh at him or cry for him.

--Tevia Schriebman, Jewish Student Union president


Mr. Gochez's letter exposes the true nature of MEChA. The true nature of MEChA is a racist organization against Jews and white people. In its statement at, MEChA describes Jews as those the like of KKK and Hillel-type students. The statement further states that many Muslim and African-American groups allege that Jews were actively involved in slave trade. MEChA is also racist against white people. In its flier called "El Plan Espiritual de Aztlan," MEChA called for a revolutionary liberation of the "bronze continent by the bronze people" and blasted the "gringos" for invading their land (
MEChA is also militant about its racism.

The university cannot condone racism in any form.

--Samuel Young economics senior

But apparently United Teachers Los Angeles can and does condone Ron Gochez's racism.