Left Hijacks Violence Against Women Act for Gay Rights Agenda

While Democratic leaders scream, "Protect women from violence", what they actually mean is, "Take money meant to protect women from violence and give it to Trannies."

If you tune in to MSNBC, morning, noon or night, you'll probably find a commentator gasping down the feed of teleprompter outrage over the latest horrible thing that the Republicans have done.

Coming up tomorrow will be outrage over VAWA, which is not a Canadian coffee and donut shop, but the Violence Against Women Act.

The House has modified the Senate version in ways that makes it less insane. What's wrong with the Violence Against Women Act? The left insisted on hijacking VAWA to promote their crazy tranny agenda. And the left is busy whining that VAWA strips away LGBT protections, which is Leftist for, the Violence Against Women Act now only protects women, rather than men wearing dresses.

Technically it doesn't even do that. What it doesn't do is feed a pile of money for preventing domestic violence to gay rights groups. Naturally gay rights groups are upset at not getting access to a giant pile of money meant to stop violence against women, which largely takes place in heterosexual relationships.

VAWA is 288 pages, which is already much too long, because it's swollen by all sorts of cynical money grabs like that by leftist agenda groups.

You can tell that something is wrong when you run into a paragraph like this. "(1) in section 2001(a) (42 U.S.C. 3796gg(a)),  by striking ‘‘violent crimes against women’’ each place it appears and inserting ‘‘violent crimes that predominantly affect women including domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking’."

So a grant program to fund attempts to stop violence against women becomes a program to stop violence predominantly affecting women. And yet the act keeps its old name. It doesn't become the Stop Violence Predominantly Affecting Women Act.

And on top of that there's not enough of a tribal provision or the wrong kind of tribal provision or a tribal provision that is not the kind of tribal provision that the many Indians of Capitol Hill feel that an act aimed at fighting violence against women needs.

The ridiculous identity politics of the left can't take a break even when dealing with domestic violence. Instead VAWA has to be sectioned up in a million ways for the benefit of every identity group, including Hawaiian islanders (yes that's there in the 288 pages).

Senator Leahy (D-Time Warner) denounced the House version for not including enough gay stuff by claiming that it "will not provide critical protections for rape victims, domestic violence victims, human trafficking victims, students on campuses, or stalking victims."

Naturally he didn't go into any details, because possibly the women of America will not be as outraged as Senator Time Warner by a Republican failure to let gay rights groups pig out on money meant to stop violence against women.

While Democratic leaders scream, "Protect women from violence", what they actually mean is, "Take money meant to protect women from violence and give it to Trannies."

There's your War on Women.

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