Senator Menendez Blames Racism for Sex Scandal

Why isn't Ron Wyden being accused of having sex with Guatemalan call girls? It's because he's white, isn't it?

I solemnly swear to be an even bigger embarrassment to the Democratic Party than you, Joe.

Bob has a point. Why isn't Ron Wyden being accused of having sex with Guatemalan call girls? It's because he's white, isn't it?

At a Black History Month event held at a Trenton, N.J. church on Sunday, Democratic Senator Bob Menendez blamed conservatives for his ethics scandals, framing them as a racial attack on him because of his Hispanic heritage. “I have felt the sting of discrimination,” he told approximately 300 worshipers, according to the Bergen Record. ”It has never been easy.”

“Now we face anonymous, faceless, nameless individuals from right-wing sources seeking to destroy a lifetime of work,” Menendez said at Shiloh Baptist Church.

“And their smears are false. I have worked too hard and too long in the vineyards, too long with my hands, for the harvest to be soured.”

This is just embarrassing. Couldn't the Honorable Gentleman from New Jersey call in Joe Biden to scream, "He's gonna put y'all in chains"? That would have been more dignified.

So apparently Bob has been working a lot with his hands and he's afraid that the harvest of Guatemalan call girls will be soured. It's awful when you've spent a long time in the red light vineyards and something about Martin Luther King...

“Dr. King said that ‘the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice,’” Menendez said. “In the end, I believe that justice will overcome the forces of darkness.”

I'm pretty sure that sound you just heard was King rolling over in his grave. But that's the sound you hear when any politician makes a speech about him.

"Scriptures — scriptures tell us that he who ‘puts his hand to the plough and looks back is not fit for the Kingdom of God.’"

Stop Bob, please just stop.

"I have my hand on the plough," he said, "and I am going to continue to look forward and to work to make that plough lead us to the fulfillment of educational, economic and health care opportunity in this country."

I don't... what?

Senator Menendez has a plough in a vineyard and the plough is leading us to health care, but if we look back we'll see all the Guatemalan call girls.

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