Iranian Ayatollah Claims Jews Invented Buddhism

"The tenets of Buddhism are derived from Judaism," Ayatollah Ruhollah Qarehi, head of the Imam Mahdi seminary in Tehran, said. "The Buddhists are a tool [in the hands] of the Jews."

Finally... a new Richard Gere rumor from Iran

Muslims excel at picking fights with other religions. If there's a religion out there that isn't Islam, Muslims will sooner or later get into a fight with it. Even if the religion is Islam, Muslims will still fight each other over which Islam is the right one.

But the main idea of Islamism is that the Jews are behind all the evil in the world. So when Muslims get into a fight with Buddhists, who are not that easy to provoke, their theology demands that the whole thing be explained in terms of Evil Jew Theory.

And that leaves them no other choice but to claim that the Jews invented Buddhism. Buddhism predates Islam. But Muslims have no problem dismissing older traditions and cultures as pawns of the Jewish Devil and then destroying them.

In an August 8, 2012 interview with the Rasa news agency titled "The Cruel Genocide Against The Muslim People In Myanmar," Ayatollah Ruhollah Qarehi, head of the Imam Mahdi seminary in Tehran, said: "The genocide of the Muslims in Myanmar is ostensibly being carried out by the Buddhists, but we are certain that Judaism and Global Zionism are [behind] the massacre and the genocide against the Muslims... The tenets of Buddhism are derived from Judaism. The Buddhists are a tool [in the hands] of the Jews, and 'Buddhism' is a name behind which [hides] the hand of Judaism and Global Zionism.

Why did Jews invent Buddhism? Because everyone hates Jews and everyone loves Buddhists. So the Jews just started claiming to be Asians and calling themselves Buddhists.

But, since the Jew knows that he is an [object of] derision throughout the world, he hides behind a pseudonym like 'Buddhism.' Lecturers at seminaries and universities, as well as the media, must [speak up] in various languages and in eloquent terms... and explain to the people and to our dear youth that behind [the term] 'Buddhism' there [hides] the Jew."

It was a brilliant plan and the Jews would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for Muslims. And unsatisfied with just pretending to be Buddhists, the Jews also control Hinduism, apparently.

"Today the Jewish hand emerges from the sleeve of the Buddhists in Burma [i.e., Myanmar], [trying to] retaliate against the seekers of freedom in Muslim lands by harming the poverty-stricken Muslims of Myanmar."

Poverty-stricken but also rather rapey and foreign, which may have something to do with Buddhist anger.

"It is no surprise, [then], that the media and international community have remained silent [over the events in Myanmar], for they are controlled by the political and economic power of the Zionists

Yes, the international community is notoriously silent when it comes to condemning Israel for horrifying crimes such as building houses.

Basij Commander Mohammad Reza Naqdi expands the conspiracy beyond mere Judaism to America and Freemasonry.

America and the Zionists are the main culprits [responsible for] the genocide of Muslims in Myanmar. [But] our [Iranian] nation is aware of [their] plots. Last Friday, we witnessed protests [that were held] throughout the country after the Friday prayers, at which calls of 'Death to Zionism' and 'Death to America' were heard. This shows that, in the case of Myanmar, they did not manage to divert the people's attention away from the main perpetrators of the crime [in that country].

"Global Zionism and Freemasonry are the planners of all crimes against the Muslims.

Any chance they can appoint these guys to negotiate one-on-one with Kerry?