Egyptian Protesters Accuse Kerry of Muslim Brotherhood Membership

Protesters burned and stomped on photos of Kerry. And some held up cartoons of Kerry, portraying him with an Islamic beard, saying "Kerry - member of the Brotherhood".

Kerry's visit to Egypt did not go smoothly as protesters turned out to denounce Obama and Kerry's support for the Islamist regime of Morsi.

Protesters held a banner reading, "They shook hands stained with the blood of children." Others burned and stomped on photos of Kerry. They denounced American interference in Egyptian affairs and claimed that the alliance between the US and the Muslim Brotherhood is the true ruling regime in Egypt. And a simpler banned said, "Go to hell."

Many of the protesters had camped out overnight bringing their own mattresses with them. Others reportedly set fire to car tires outside the airport to prevent Kerry from entering the country.

And some held up cartoons of Kerry, portraying him with an Islamic beard, saying "Kerry - member of the Brotherhood".

Meanwhile one of the founding members of Free Egyptians has written an open letter to Obama.

  The USA has sponsored the so-called Arab Spring and has sold it to its taxpayers as the outcry of oppressed middle-eastern people for democracy, when all it achieved was bringing to power theocratic regimes that oppressed their people even more and turned the victim countries into failed states, namely Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Tunis and now Egypt which you are visiting to ensure that it joins the happy crowd.

Is surrounding Israel by failed states your ultimate objective?

Do you think that there can be lasting peace with countries that base their decisions on fanatic religious views?

Do you think that peace can be perpetuated in a neighborhood of poverty, despair and extremism?

Are you telling your taxpayers that you are squandering their money on a failed experiment that will create new Ben Ladens who will eventually turn against your country and the freedom, equality and liberty your people hold so dearly?

Mr. Secretary, you are coming to Egypt to support Morsi and his gang who since coming to power in June of last year through a questionable election have broken the constitution and all the laws of Egypt.

Mr. Morsi has issued illegal constitution amendment declarations and decrees in flagrant breach of the constitution he swore to uphold. When popular pressure mounted against these unprecedented actions, he decided to abrogate the most illegitimate of those decrees, yet kept all its effects in force!!!!!

He sent his gang thugs to impose siege on the Supreme Court of Egypt for over 2 months to obstruct justice and prevent the court to issue sentences regarding the illegitimate Shoura Council (Upper House) and the second constituent assembly from which one third of the members withdrew. Would Mr. Obama be spared had he done the same in your country?

His security apparatus seconded by his gang militias gratuitously killed and tortured hundreds of Egyptians during peaceful demonstrations.

Irregularities and violations at the referendum for the new constitution in December of last year were called for by civil society organizations as sufficient ground to cancel and repeat the first phase of the referendum, yet you disregarded all this.

You turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to all this and are now coming to force your hand on the free will of the true people of Egypt who sacrificed hundreds of its youth to live in freedom, equality and dignity.

Mr. Secretary this is not what the constitution of the US stands for, this is not what your taxpayers are paying their government to do.

Revisit your mandate and your pledge to uphold your constitution which stands for some of the best values of human mankind, but most of all revisit your conscience and respect the plight of a people that longs for all what your forefathers died for.

Naguib Abadir, a freedom-loving Egyptian