Hamas Imposes Boycott on Itself To Make More Money

Hamas made this decision in light of their new demand that the concessionaire pay a toll of NIS 170 (about $46) for every truck that enters the Strip.

If you ever attended a Code Pink top secret protest meeting at the Chestnut Street Starbucks, then you already know that Israel is an evil Zionist Apartheid entity run by the apes from Planet of the Apes.

Hamas on the other hand is a saintly bunch of do-gooders with missile launchers trying to keep the little children of Gaza from starving because Israel refuses to allow in enough concrete through the checkpoints.

In the real world, outside Chestnut Street, Hamas imposes boycotts on Gaza because it makes money from smuggling tunnels. Every time Hamas needs shekels or pounds, it attacks Israel, Israel closes off the border, Hamas makes even more money from its smuggling tunnels.

For some reason, Egypt decided to flood those smuggling tunnels, so Hamas announced that it wanted a piece of the action from the checkpoints.

Hamas will take control over one of the most important crossings connecting Israel and the Gaza Strip:

The organization's government in Gaza has notified Nahed Shuhaiber, the concessionaire who operates the Kerem Shalom crossing from the Palestinian side, that his responsibilities are being rescinded and that starting Monday morning, the new concessionaire will be Muhisan Sharafi. Monday morning, 70 trucks stood at the crossing waiting to bring goods into the Strip.

Israel's response to Hamas operating a crossing was to shake its head and demur the attractive proposal. Israel will deal with the Palestinian Authority, it won't deal with Hamas, so the crossing is effectively closed.

Hamas made this decision in light of their new demand that the concessionaire pay a toll of NIS 170 (about $46) for every truck that enters the Strip. The reason for this toll stems from the loss of profits from taxation from the smuggling tunnels which were mostly destroyed over the past few weeks as a result of intensive Egyptian activity.

Palestinian sources in Rafah told Ynet that Egypt is not only destroying the tunnels intended for weapons smuggling, but also tunnels intended for the smuggling of goods and fuel – which prompted a rise in costs for various products in the Strip on the one hand, and to a significant reduction of income for the government in Gaza on the other.

Hamas cares about the people of Gaza so much that it's charging 46 bucks toll for every truck that comes through into the "biggest concentration camp on earth" which has luxury hotels, mansions and water parks.

Why does Hamas deserve that money? Well it didn't build the roads or do much of anything, but it has a bunch of guns. So that about covers it.

Hamas also knows that all it has to do is begin running photos of crying children and leftist Code Pink protesters will begin screaming that Gaza is hell on earth because of the Zionist warmonkeys who just won't let "basic human necessities" into Gaza.

Meanwhile Hamas officials laugh and cash in. Apartheid indeed.

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