Congress Cancels Global Warming Hearing Because of Snowstorm

If only we bought more carbon credits and tiny cars, this tragedy might have been averted.

Moments like this are why ecoscammers no longer call it "Global Warming", but rebranded it as "Climate Change." Because a snowstorm is climate change too, even if it keeps you from holding hearings on the effect of climate change on climate change meetings.

The snowquester has claimed yet another casualty: Wednesday’s House hearing on global warming.

The House Science, Space and Technology Committee announced early Wednesday that it’s postponing its environmental subcommittee’s scheduled 10 a.m. hearing on the state of the science behind climate change. As a reason, it cited “weather.”

If only we bought more carbon credits and tiny cars, this tragedy might have been averted.

If you're wondering what you will be missing out on because the snowstorm made it too cold for Congress to sit in a heated stone building and discuss the weather, the House Science, Space and Technology Committee's members include the likes of Alan Grayson, Joe Kennedy, Zoe Lofgren and Eddie Bernice Johnson.

Sadly Sheila Jackson Lee is no longer a member of the committee, despite her commitment to creating North Vietnam on Mars.

The House Science, Space and Technology Committee's Subcommittee on the Environment does have Alan Grayson on board, so you were bound to hear him yelling something about all the icebergs in Florida.

The witnesses at the hearing were going to be Dr. Bjørn Lomborg, of Cool It: the Skeptical Environmentalist's Guide to Global Warming,  Dr. William Chameides, who couldn't be there anyway because he's sick and Dr. Judith Curry of the Climate Etc. blog, who has questioned some of the manipulation of the science.

Dr. Bjørn Lomborg, a gay vegetarian, has also questioned some of the science and like Curry, claims that Global Warming is overhyped and that carbon cutting is not the solution-- which undermines the entire massive green carbon industry, making him a heretic of sorts as well.

That leaves Dr. William Chameides of Duke as the conventional Warmist choice who doesn't appear to have deviated from green theology in any obvious way. As Vice Chair of America's Climate Choices, Chameides was there to represent the establishment and the Democratic Party, but he couldn't make it anyway.

Lomborg and Curry are hardly on the right and they both believe in man-made Global Warming, but they dissent from some of the extreme behavior and cult-like atmosphere in the field today.

That almost makes it a pity that we couldn't have had a hearing with just them, but it would have devolved into a barrage of Democratic attacks on both scientists.