Belgian Man Sentenced to 4 Months in Jail for Tearing Koran

Blasphemy law, it's not just for Pakistan anymore.

In Belgium. Blasphemy law, it's not just for Pakistan anymore.

Arne S., originally from Blankenberge, was sentenced on Wednesday, by the criminal court of Bruges, to four months in prison for having torn a copy of the Koran in front of a group of Muslims, in June 2012, in Ostende.

On 8 June last year, in the early evening, the accused participated in a demonstration in Ostende. After the demonstration, he went into a café where he exchanged words with around a dozen Muslims. In front of their eyes, Arne S. tore a copy of the Koran.

According to the statements of the accused, the Muslims threw the sacred [sic] book at his head, which provoked his action. Olivier Ryde, the accused's lawyer, requested this his client be acquitted. According to him, there was no question of any infringement of the law on racism.

But racism or the specter of hate crimes is being used to ram through Islamic blasphemy law by another means. Blasphemy law is still unacceptable in the West, so those being charged with it have to be charged with other offenses.

Obama locked up the Mohammed moviemaker for a parole violation, but most targets don't have such convenient tags. So instead hate crime laws are used to punish acts of blasphemy and appease Muslims.

No one is actually intimidated by these acts. There is no racism. Theocracy is being implemented without legal recourse.