Egyptian Islamist Party Leader Claims Pilgrims Were Cannibals who Ate Indians

"The Americans – or the British immigrants, who were referred to as “pilgrims” – would kill the Indians and then eat them – cooked, barbequed, made into kebabs, you name it."

Hussam Abu Al-Bukhari is a doctor with a background in comparative religion. He was/is the spokesman for the Third Islamic Forces Coalition, a founder of the Coalition of New Muslims, which targeted Coptic Christians for conversion to Islam, and a co-founder of the Egyptian Virtue Party or Hizb El-Fadil.

The Coalition of New Muslims party even nominated Hussam for president. Basically he's one of the semi-important Salafist figures in this Egypt who manages to look mainstream and professional sometimes.

And I mention all this because it's important to remember that these are not videos of random crazy people. These are the videos of important well-educated crazy people who are not crazy by Muslim standards.

Following are excerpts from an address by Egyptian Islamist politician Hussam Abu Al-Bukhari, which was posted on the Internet on March 4, 2013.

Hussam Abu Al-Bukhari: We are completely unaware that we are in a real conflict – a religious conflict, a cultural conflict, a conflict over countries, over values, over everything.

Since we are talking about America, we should consider how it came into being. America was founded through the genocide of the indigenous people of North America, South America, and Australia. American civilization was founded only after their complete annihilation.

I’ve brought a very important book with me, titled America: The Cultural Genocides. It by is Munir Akash. This book discusses the genocides, providing documentation about its different types. It discusses the genocide of the people they named “Indians.” They killed hundreds of millions.

An entire chapter in this book is devoted to the eating of the flesh of the Indians. It is an entire chapter on how the Americans – or the British immigrants, who were referred to as “pilgrims” – would kill the Indians and then eat them – cooked, barbequed, made into kebabs, you name it… Not just that, sometimes they would killed them for the purpose of eating them.


Dr. Akash quotes studies from British, Australian, and American universities, showing that since Columbus and to this day, not a single document has proven that the indigenous people were cannibals. On the contrary, the cannibalism emerged from English culture. There were books explaining how to eat human flesh.

Cannibalism was of course a common English practice, as all educated Egyptian Islamists know. But speaking of Egyptian Islamists and cannibalism...

High School textbooks in Egypt approved by Sunni Islam's most prestigious (and allegedly "moderate") university condones the killing and eating of apostates. As long as you eat them .... raw.

“Listen also to what they teach to kids… It says, “We allowed the eating of the flesh of dead humans… under necessary conditions.” It must not be cooked or grilled to avoid Haram .” So he’s allowed to eat him without cooking or grilling.

Listen, sir!… “Al-Azhar al-Sharif (honorable al-Azhar) Azhari Colleges Section, Central Administration for Books, Libraries & Teaching Aid… for 3rd year high-school”.

Husham must have confused the Pilgrims with Muslims.

By the way Munir Akash, whom our good doctor quotes, is a former UC Irvine professor who works as a visiting professor at Suffolk College. His American employers don't tend to list some of his "historical works" on the subject of America which might be a bit much even for lefty academics.

Akash then eloquently argued that the "biblical Jewish/Zionist" philosophy, espoused by the American founding WASP fathers, has naturally evolved into the following 5 basic doctrines, which have guided American policies from the earliest blood baths in Plymouth to the current butchery in Afghanistan:

Naturally, as Akash indicated, the US government and its agencies have carefully covered up these long series of genocides and ethnic cleansings against Native Americans. In fact, today's standard American history textbooks and official documents throughout the US totally ignore these massacres and horrible crimes committed against Native Americans.

That's probably because they ate the evidence.