Islamic Group Evicted by SWAT Team from $3 Mil Memphis Mansion After Claiming to be a Sovereign State

In emails to WMC-TV, members claimed their "indigenous ancestry granted them ownership of the mansion."

The Moorish American Nationals claim to be "the descendants of the Ancient Moabites whom inhabited the northwestern and southwestern shores of Africa" and have attempted to set up their own Moorish Nation here claiming indigenous ancestry, even though this isn't Africa. (Also they're not Moabites.)

Moorish-Americans claim that they don't have to obey American laws because they are the members of their own country. This naturally leads to fun times for everyone.

The Moorish Americans appear to be an offshoot of the Moorish Science Temple movement, which was one of the variant neo-Islamic cults that arose in the black community in the early 20th Century. The most famous of these groups, the Nation of Islam, has some similarities to the Moorish Science Temple, which actually predates it, and which may have been ripped off by the more thuggish Nation of Islam.

Like the Nation of Islam, the Moorish Science Temple used some of the language and nomenclature of Islam, but it wasn't really Islam, but a racial mystical mix of a bunch of religions and fairy tales and secret revelations that used Islam as a template. That however is not without precedent as Islam produced a variety of mystical spinoffs in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, which the Wahhabis have spent time suppressing the 'hard way'. The Baha'i only survived because they had sanctuary outside the Muslim world and in Israel.

The Moorish Science Temple appears to disavow the various "radical splinter groups", which would presumably include the Moorish American Nationals and mansion squatters.

Squatters who took over an opulent $3 million mansion felt the full force of the law when an armed SWAT team smashed through its gates to evict them.

Members of the "Moorish American Nationals" group broke into the decadent pad in Memphis sometime last week.

They padlocked shut the gates to the house, which had been empty for 18 months after being foreclosed, and posted "No Trespassing" signs on its bars.

In emails to WMC-TV, members claimed their "indigenous ancestry granted them ownership of the mansion."

But their luxurious stay was cut short when officers armed with assault rifles and driving an armored vehicle, raided the property on Thursday night.

My Fox Memphis reports cops were called to the house after a grandparent of a child inside the Tennessee property asked them to intervene.

Moorish-Americans have apparently pulled this stunt before trying to take over houses. But more entertainingly they got a number of Democratic Mayors to sign proclamations declaring them to be independent governments.

The 3rd Whereas that 11 mayors signed without reading said...

Whereas, the Moorish-Americans have formed a sovereign Theocratic Government guided by the principles of love, truth, peace, freedom and justice throughout virtue of the universal right to self-determination as well as with the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People guaranteed in the Charter of the United Nations

One of the signatories to this was none other than Mayor Rahm Emanuel.