Muslim Baron Kills Man While Driving and Texting, Blames Jewish Conspiracy for 16 Day Jail Term

Ahmed's sentence was suspended because it would hinder his work “building bridges between the Muslim world and others.”

Help! Help! I'm being repressed! Come and see the Jewish violence inherent in the system.

Baron Nazir Ahmed is one of the most downtrodden men in Britain. As one of the first three Muslims in the House of Lords (thanks Tony Blair), Lord Ahmed has dedicated himself to reminding the British of how Muslim immigration enriches the UK.

After just getting over a suspension for a 10 million pound bounty on Bush and Obama, Baron Ahmed is in trouble for blaming a vast Jewish conspiracy for his 16 days in jail after killing a man while texting behind the wheel.

In 2007, the oppressed champion of Islam was driving his Jaguar X-type while sending text messages and hit a car being driven by Martyn Gombar, killing the 28-year-old.

Sheffield Magistrates' Court heard how Lord Ahmed received three text messages and sent two while driving on the M1, between junctions 40 and 35, near Rotherham.

Lord Ahmed was never charged over the crash but admitted one charge of dangerous driving in connection with sending and receiving the text messages while driving.

The Baron admitted to driving dangerously and was sent to jail for six weeks and disqualified from driving for a year.  But the judicial system took pity on the poor Baron and Lady Justice Hallett intervened in the original sentence with an  "exceptional" course, suspending his sentence so that he ended up serving only 16 days in jail.

However the appeal court did agree to the “exceptional” course of suspending the sentence for 12 months after learning that his sentence would hinder Ahmed’s work “building bridges between the Muslim world and others.”

How could Ahmed have possibly gone on building bridges with murder bounties and claiming the Jews are behind everything if he had been in jail?

Naturally Baron Ahmed blames the whole thing on a vast Jewish conspiracy.

Lord Nazir Ahmed said that his prison sentence was a result of pressure applied on the court by Jews “who own newspapers and television channels,” the Times of London quoted him as saying Thursday.

Nazir also purportedly claimed that the judge in his 2008 trial was appointed to his position after he helped a “Jewish colleague” of Blair during an important case. According to Ahmed, Justice Wilkie was hand-picked to carry out the sentencing because no other judge was willing to handle his case.

He also alleged that Jewish-owned media organizations pressured the courts to charge him with a more serious offense.

“My case became more critical because I went to Gaza to support Palestinians. My Jewish friends who own newspapers and TV channels opposed this,” he allegedly said in the interview.

Right. If only the poor Baron had not stood up for Hamas, then he wouldn't have been jailed at all. Because most non-Lords in the UK who kill people while texting never go to jail at all.

That's a punishment that the Vast Jewish Conspiracy reserves only for Muslim Barons who support Hamas.

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