Insane Occupier Attacks Pro-Israel Student for Writing "The Jewish People Live"

This is the left in all its glory. Meet Gabrielle Silverman (“my treesitter name is millipede”)

This is the left in all its glory.

The Reut Institute considers the Bay Area one of the hubs of the delegitimization of Israel, but increasingly it appears that those attempting to marginalize Israel have become, well....marginalized.

Emerging clips from tonight's rally and march in Oakland once again point to the increasingly irrelevancy of the local anti-Israel movement. About an hour into the event, the plaza was still quite empty:

Several young pro-Israel peace activists showed up, and were viciously assaulted by the rally organizers. Their crime- writing "Am Yisroel Chai"- the Jewish people live- on the sidewalk

An anonymous contributor has tentatively identified the assailant as Gabby (Gabrille) Silverman.

Who is Gabrielle Silverman? Just call her Millipede.

Meet Gabrielle Silverman, one of those professional leftist activists who migrates from protest to protest the way that birds fly. In 2008, Gabrielle Silverman was sitting in a tree. Literally.

A judge ordered the University of California not to endanger the lives of Berkeley’s treesitters Monday but refused to order the university to give them food and water.

Though attorneys for the treesitters asked Alameda County Superior Court Judge Richard Keller to order supplies sent up to the remaining protesters at the Memorial Stadium grove, the judge said they could get food and water simply by obeying his restraining order and coming down from the trees.

Simpich had argued that denial of food and water was tantamount to torture and compared to the treesitters to prisoners. But Judge Keller said the analogy was false because treesitters weren’t prisoners and were free to come down any time they wanted.

Gabrielle Silverman (“my treesitter name is millipede”) sat in court for Monday morning’s hearing. She was the first treesitter forcibly extracted from the branches last Tuesday.

“I’m very disappointed in the judge,” she said.

Asked what she planned to do next, the treesitter answered, “What do we do now? We keep giving them hell.”

Unsatisfied with giving the capitalist pigs of the University of California hell, Gabrielle aka Millipede, went to harass Israelis, along with her 38-year-old boyfriend, Tristan Anderson, another treesitter, with the International Solidarity Movement, a left-wing group notorious for supporting terrorism against Israel.

Rocks were thrown. Tristan got hit with a tear gas canister and is apparently even dumber than he was before and has been involved in an extended legal battle with Israel that could have been avoided if ISM terrorist supporters were just forced to sign an indemnification form before entering the country.

Since then Tristan has become a martyr to the cause, even though he isn't dead, even though he isn't dead, just dimmer than usual, and has become a cause for mini-riots by the sort of people who like to riot anyway.

And Millipede, aka Gabrielle, has gone on Occupying things because a life of protests means never having to grow up or take responsibility for your actions.