Islamic Law Brings Floggings Back to Libya

Liberated Libya is free. 100 percent free to flog.

Liberated Libya is free. 100 percent free to flog.

While Gaddafi in the 70s did bring in some elements of Islamic law to Libya, such as lashes for "Zina", often translated as adultery, but really meaning sexual acts, they weren't often applied. As this video, via Blazing Cat Fur, shows, that seems to have changed. And flogging sentences have increased.

The title of the video tells us that this took place in the Libyan city of Sirte, not a city formerly known for being a stronghold of Islamist militias. It's unclear if the floggers are army or militia, but the latter is probably a safe bet.

Last spring, Al Qaeda militias paraded through Sirte with Al Qaeda Salafist flags on their vehicles. The odds are good that we're looking at the same people doling out Islamic justice and that this video was also posted by a Gaddafi supporter and opponent of the Islamist takeover of Sirte.