CAIR Bullies Teacher for Calling Taliban and Hamas Bullies

During a class discussion on bullying, she referred to Hamas and the Taliban as examples of organizations that use violence to “bully people.”

The message here, as usual, is to warn off teachers from criticizing Islamist terrorist groups by crying bigotry. It's more Islamist bullying aimed at a teacher who spoke out against Islamist bullying.

Mary Janda, a veteran teacher of 21 years at the Concrete Middle School in Concrete, Washington, is under attack by the radical Washington affiliate of Hamas-connected Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), accusing her of racism against Muslims.

The alleged incident occurred last October but the radical Islamic group began last month calling for federal investigators to look into the Concrete School District after the allegations that the teacher, Mary Janda, made racist remarks.

The district called the allegations completely false.

“Her “offense?”, “said Brigitte Gabriel. “During a class discussion on bullying, she referred to Hamas and the Taliban as examples of organizations that use violence to “bully people.”

One of the students in her class objected and said, “My father is a Muslim and these statements aren’t true.”

Residents who know of the teacher said they’ve never heard of any issues with her before.

“The kids that I know who’ve gone to the teacher have had no problems,” said Tabithia Hicks. “The teacher was well-liked, well-respected, and to hear this from this, I’m like, wait, this isn’t what we need here in Concrete. We’re not a bunch of racists.”

CAIR is claiming that Janda said that...  that “just like Hitler,” Muslims train their kids to be martyrs and to kill innocent people, when she was actually talking about Islamist terrorist groups, like some of the ones that CAIR supports.

The superintendent says they did an investigation and handled it internally, but CAIR called that inadequate.

“Our concern is that if this is what one student is coming forward to report, how many more times has this occurred and will this occur, and what kind of a message is the school district sending to other teachers that their behavior will be tolerated?” Gist said.

So after months of looking into it, CAIR hasn't been able to come up with a single other complaint, but yet it's calling for a Federal investigation based on a claim that the district shot down.

Janda wrote in response that CAIR had not even bothered talking to her before trying to sic Obama and Holder on her school.

“I explained to her (the student) that I was not talking about Muslims and Arabs in general but groups that chose to impose their will by training people to intimidate and kill other people. This discussion is not about religious beliefs. It is related to a state mandate that public schools teach students about bullying and not allow it.”

“I am surprised and saddened that no one from the (name blackened out) contacted me about (student’s name blackened out) perceptions of the day’s discussion. I would have hoped to have had an opportunity to personally recount the substance of that day’s work and engage in a dialogue to dispel any misinterpretations.”

“Likewise, I am also surprised that the organization (CAIR) filing the complaint did not contact me to hear my account of the class discussion before publicly criticizing me and my employer. I had absolutely no intention or nor did I disparage anyone’s religious beliefs and I regret any lingering misunderstandings.”

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