Is Your Trash Can Bisexual?

"Are we going to have different coloured bins dependent on ones orientation?”

We're only asking you this because it's vital that we get a representational cross-section of all the gender and sexual orientations of all the cans of trash in your area.

Residents filling in a survey on household waste were stunned that, after being asked about recycling reward schemes, the sizes of bins and whether their property has space to store them, the questionnaire inquired if they were heterosexual, gay or bisexual.

But the council says that this is simply one of the standard monitoring questions to ensure that the responses represent a cross-section of the city’s population and that people do not have to answer it.

With the council having already committed to provide wheelie bins for the vast majority of households, the questions are taking views on the type of wheelie bin scheme – leaving some residents angry that they were not even asked if they wanted them in the first place.

Mr Dave Dixon said: “It does not ask if residents want such bins but is very interested in their sexual orientation. Are we going to have different coloured bins dependent on ones orientation?”

Ah, but this is the left's idea of representation. Representation no longer involves hearing out your views and then representing them, it involves collecting a whole bunch of persecuted groups and making sure that they are represented, though only to the issues that relate to their minority status.

Thus a bisexual resident is not entitled to refuse the trash cans, but he can demand that the trash cans align with his historically persecuted status by containing stickers featuring important events in bisexual history.

Another called Cyril added: “What the hell has sexual orientation or religion got to do with wheelie bins? Mind your own business.”

In the nanny state, the nanny is in your bedroom. You have no private business. All that you are belongs to the state.