Head of San Francisco Human Rights Commission Claims Iran is More LGBT Friendly than America

Sparks, who is transgender, said it’s actually easier to get insurance for sexual transition procedures in Iran

If only these gay men had gotten sex change operations first...

This really is the very definition of stuck on stupid. And there's no known cure.

The disconnect is breathtaking. The head of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission, transgender Theresa Sparks, continues to support the sharia and denounce our ad campaign designed to raise awareness of the plight of gays under Islamic law. Our new campaign uses the actual quotes of President Ahmadinejad, global Muslim spiritual leader Qaradawi and popular radio host in the UK, Sister Ruby Ramadan (political, religious and cultural).

One message quotes Yusuf al-Qaradawi of the Muslim Brotherhood saying, “The punishment of homosexuality is the death penalty.” Each ad ends with the same line as the previous campaign: “That’s His Jihad. What’s Yours?”

Geller said she decided to embark on the campaign after hearing gay leaders in San Francisco denounce her previous ads.

“The ads will increase awareness about the subjugation and oppression of gays under Shariah law,” said Geller. “The gay community should be standing with me, not against me.”

Theresa Sparks, head of the Human Rights Commission, said the ad campaigns are another example of Geller categorizing an entire religion as intolerant.

“She is posting these ads to suggest that all Muslims hate gays,” Sparks said. “Some cultures do discriminate, and that’s wrong. It all depends who you’re talking to. But she’s trying to generalize and cast this wide net around a diverse group of people.”

Sparks, who is transgender, said it’s actually easier to get insurance for sexual transition procedures in Iran than in America.

While Iran is somewhat accepting of transgender, it also locks up homosexual men and in some cases executes them.

So Iran may be okay for a man like Sparks who wants to sleep with other men and decides to get a sex change operation, but it's really bad for a gay man who wants to sleep with other men and doesn't.

And that sex change operation comes with an inferior status that deprives women of many basic civil rights.

So Sparks is basically ignorant and unwilling to consider the situation of the vast majority of gay men in Iran who aren't willing to take that route.

All Sparks cares about is that Iran provides better insurance coverage for sex change operations. That's a selfish view and it's inappropriate when coming from a man who is supposed to be heading a Human Rights Commission that looks after everyone's civil rights.