UK Suffers Coldest March in 50 Years, Global Warming to Blame

Freezing Britain's unusually harsh winter could have cost thousands of pensioners their lives.

This is what Green Genocide looks like.

Freezing Britain's unusually harsh winter could have cost thousands of pensioners their lives.

This month is on track to be the coldest March for 50 years – and as the bitter Arctic conditions caused blackouts and traffic chaos yesterday, experts warned of an 'horrendous' death toll among the elderly.

About 2,000 extra deaths were registered in just the first two weeks of March compared with the average for the same period over the past five years.

'An increase in fuel costs and the extended winter means that more people are going to suffer, and more will be unable to afford to eat and heat their homes. It's a scary prospect.'

This isn't just more cold weather. It's cold weather exacerbated by Energy Poverty caused by Green gimmicks that promised to fight Global Warming while dramatically driving up energy costs.

While the experts were claiming that science has proven that the UK was headed for a tropical paradise, it instead finds itself buried deep in winter. And the ecoscammers profit with their Green Tech ventures and their NGO awareness campaigns, with money trimmed from budgets for pensioners, and the pensioners freeze.

Today is officially the first day of spring - but it will bring little respite to freezing Britain as snow continues to fall, closing schools and causing chaos on the roads.

The country is on track to suffer its coldest March in more than 50 years. The last time March was so cold was in 1962, when the average temperature was 2.4C (36F) – or 4.1C below the norm.

Meanwhile the number of children living in Energy Poverty in the UK has risen 9 percent in 3 years up to 1.6 million and while the economy has no doubt had its impact, so has the frenzied pace of adoption of Green measures.

Greens are cruelly using these figures to push a Carbon Tax which will only increase Energy Poverty lining their own dirty pockets with money stolen from the poor. Their typical proposals of Green Energy and Energy Efficiency are code words for expensive energy and energy rationing.

The Greens have caused this with their lies and their greed and now they are exploiting the human misery that they caused for more power and profit.

After pitching Global Warming for so long, perhaps they had better go back to their 70s mantra of predicting an Ice Age.