Want an 82% Graduation Rate for Low Income Students? Go Voucher

It’s the second year in a row that one hundred percent of HOPE Christian seniors gained college admission.

Governor Scott Walker at Hope Christian Academy


The battle over school vouchers for students in troubled schools is heating up in Wisconsin. The debate over any degree of independence and privatization, whether it's charter schools or school vouchers, is meant with unrelenting hatred and hostility by the Educratic establishment which gets its wealth and power from keeping huge numbers of low income students locked up in failed schools.

At UnionWatch, Larry Sand however reminds us that the only real education option for low income students comes from escaping the Educracy.

Back in 1990, the Pleistocene Era of education reform, the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program became the nation’s first publicly funded school choice program for low-income children. Born of an interesting political marriage – Democratic state legislator Polly Williams and Republican Governor Tommy Thompson – the program started as a way to address the city’s troubled education system.

In 2009, referring to researcher John Warren, Education Next’s Paul Peterson wrote that an estimated

82 percent of 9th grade students in voucher schools graduated from high school, while just 70 percent of 9th graders in the Milwaukee Public Schools did.

One private school that primarily serves low-income students through Milwaukee’s Parental Choice Program boasts a 100 percent college acceptance record.

Dante Hamilton will be one of 37 seniors graduating in June from HOPE Christian High School…

In most schools, a percentage of the graduates would be heading off to college, while many would have a different destination.

But Hamilton and all 36 of his classmates have been accepted to college. It’s the second year in a row that one hundred percent of HOPE Christian seniors gained college admission.

These solutions exist and they could make a huge difference in the abysmal education rates, especially in the inner cities. But the left has built an entire establishment that profits from malaise and failure and so perpetuates malaise and failure.

Vouchers are a threat to it because it knows that if its "clients" ever learn to succeed, they will no longer have a use for its social welfare plantations where failure is a birthright.