Crazy Man Named Calliope Wong Applies to Liberal All-Girls College, PC Comedy Follows

All it took to end the All-Girls College was a bunch of teenage boys putting on dresses and copying the plots of a bunch of bad 80s movies.

Calliope Wong is sad

All it took to end the All-Girls College was a bunch of teenage boys putting on dresses and copying the plots of a bunch of bad 80s movies. It would all be some kind of bad joke, but liberalism is now a bad joke and has done a great job of turning our society into a bad joke.

Smith College, one of the Seven Sisters, is apparently the first of the big all-female Ivy League schools to no longer be all female. Or rather it will consist of women in dresses and men in dresses who claim to be women.

The joke began when a 17-year-old boy/man who called himself Calliope Wong (yes the jokes write themselves) applied to Smith College and was turned down on the grounds that he wasn't a woman.

Wong hadn't even bothered going the usual medical genital mutilation route formally known as a sex change operation. He basically just wore his hair long and claimed to identify as a woman.

As Wong says on his Tumblr (naturally he has a Tumblr)

But in order to be legally recognized as “female” on my birth certificate according to BOTH Massachusetts and Connecticut law, I have to undergo vaginoplasty (feminizing genital surgery). From what I understand, Smith College will only evaluate me as a “real” girl if I get sex reassignment surgery.

If I understand Smith correctly, this is perhaps the most obscene of rights violations that I have ever witnessed from a school. It’s not a loud and boisterous violation, which is all the worse: its sly wording hurts just as much but is hard to detect. By simply stating that only “females” may be allowed to apply and attend Smith, Smith College sets the bar for transwomen applicants impossibly high.

The "impossibly high" bar consists of at least basic cosmetic surgery to look like a woman. As opposed to just putting on a dress and claiming to be a woman.

Or as Mr. Wong puts it...

-transwomen may not even feel the need for genital surgery. Some transwomen do not experience extreme dysphoria about the state of their genitalia, and opt not to undergo vaginoplasty.

Or in other words, some men who pretend to be women see nothing inconsistent about staying male. I think the technical term for that is cross-dressing. But we're getting into Bosom Buddies: The College Years territory here.

Is this entire thing a scam brought on by difficulty getting into a good school? Probably not, but it would make for a funny movie if it were.

Ten years ago, Smith College would have laughed off Calliope Wong, who would have gone to an ambitious career of screaming at people on streetcorners. Today that's no longer an option.

Mr. Wong has gotten coverage from every major news outlet. (Just ask those same outlets to cover something minor like the Newsom murders)  And Smith College has thrown up the white flag. It is no longer an All-Girls School. It is a school for women and men in women's clothing.

"From the beginning, I was attracted to Smith as a college for 'iron women,' women who had the willpower and knowledge to effect real change in society," Wong said in an email. "As a third-wave feminist, I definitely saw Smith as a place for the empowerment of visionary, vocal and practical women who worked to close the gap between ideal and reality."

Men are apparently the new "iron women".