Egypt's Morsi Visits Genocidal Dictator Who Murdered Countless Christians, Speaks of Common Enemies

Omar al-Bashir is the only head of state to be indicted on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity by the ICC. No Egyptian president had visited Sudan until Morsi.

The Muslim Brotherhood is all about democracy. It opposes Syria's Assad because it supports democracy. And Morsi just paid a visit to Sudanese butcher Omar al-Bashir because he really loves tyranny and the mass murder of Christians.

Omar al-Bashir is the only head of state to be indicted on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity by the ICC. A warrant for his arrest is still outstanding, but Muslim countries choose not to arrest him for obvious reasons. As have some collaborators, like Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Obama's cousin in Kenya.

Still no Egyptian president had visited Sudan until Morsi. And Morsi's rhetoric, when meeting with his genocidal host, was quite ominous.

Egypt’s President Mohamed Mursi said during his first visit to Sudan on Friday that cooperation between the Islamist regimes in Cairo and Khartoum does not pose any threat and yet they both face “enemies.”

“We in Egypt and Sudan are integrated, and you will find enemies for this integration,” Mursi stressed before thousands of people, including his Sudanese counterpart President Omar al-Bashir, at Al-Noor mosque in Khartoum North.

It was not clear to which “enemies” he was referring.

Sudan has some domestic Islamists, but it's safe to say that Morsi is not referring to them. Sudan climbed into bed with Iran which led to a visit from Israeli warplanes trying to shut down advanced missiles being shipped to Hamas.

Morsi probably is not referring to Iran. Sudan has been playing both the Sunni and Shiite axis like a stringed violin. al-Bashir is not about to turn on Iran. Morsi could be referring to debates over the Nile's waters between regional countries, but calling them enemies would be too strong. Even for Morsi.

Morsi could be referring to Israel, but while Sudan is on paper quite committed to destroying the Zionist Devil, etc... like the rest of the Muslim world, and has even made the occasional contribution to the effort, Israel does not care what Sudan and Egypt do together. At this juncture, they're both enemies and Sudan is not much of a threat to Israel. It's an unstable backward slave state with some oil. And Israel has too many other problems to do more than spare a random thought for Sudan.

That leaves the United States and Europe. Those are the places where pressure is greatest on Sudan over its nasty habit of mass murder and mass rape and ethnic cleansing. And those are the countries that backed the Arab Spring and would have tried to pressure Morsi not to go to Sudan.

And he repaid them by not only going to Sudan, but warning about the common enemies that want the two Islamist regimes to be divided.