Obamerica: 11-Year-Old Girls Can Buy OTC Birth Control Pills, But You Can't Buy Cough Syrup

To get decongestants, customers have to show picture ID and sign a logbook recording what they buy and where they live.

Freedom is a strange, strange phenomenon in Obamerica. You're free to gay marry, but regular marriage carries a financial penalty with it. You're obligated to pay for other people's abortions, but you don't have the right not to buy health insurance. And you can't buy cough syrup without a photo ID, but 11-year-old girls can buy Plan B birth control over the counter.

It's freedom. Someone's idea of it anyway.

One round of emergency contraceptives contains four to 12 times the dosage of a birth control pill.  At present we do know the Pill is composed of synthetic female steroids that are environmentally toxic, increase the risk of breast cancer, alter phermones, kill libido, and cause depression, anxiety, and mood disturbances.

In 2011, President Barack Obama said that he supported the FDA’s decision to not make the pill available to people of all ages.

“[The FDA] could not be confident that a 10-year-old or an 11-year-old [that goes] into a drugstore, should be able – alongside bubble gum or batteries – to buy a medication that potentially, if not used properly, could end up having an adverse effect,” he said.

Before anyone complains about the headline, this was Obama's premise.

Judge Korman argued that Plan B “would be among the safest drugs sold over-the-counter” and the FDA’s argument that young people could misuse the drug was very “unpersuasive.

He said that, legally, the argument is invalid.

“The standards are the same for aspirin and for contraceptives,” he said. “The standard for determining whether contraceptives or any other drug should be available over-the-counter turns solely on the ability of the consumer to understand how to use the particular drug ‘safely and correctly.’”

But speaking of highly dangerous drugs that consumers can't be expected to use safely and correctly...

Got a cold? Add a new headache to your cough and stuffy nose: As of September 30, new federal restrictions will make it harder for Americans to get their hands on decongestants.

To get decongestants, customers will now have to show picture ID and sign a logbook recording what they buy and where they live. The logbooks will remain on file for two years and be accessible to law enforcement authorities. Already, whether you've noticed or not, you're limited to purchasing 3.6 grams of the products per day and 9 grams every 30 days.

One of the great civil libertarians behind that law, was Barack Obama.

This is freedom in Obamerica. Even if it's largely indistinguishable from the idea of freedom in some crazy backward Ex-Soviet republic run by a lunatic dictator.