Obama Inc. Bows to North Korean Threats, Claims It Isn't Bowing to North Korean Threats

Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer said the decision to scrap a critical US missile test was "absolutely not" a retreat after Pyongyang's

Obama Inc. is absolutely not backing down by cancelling a missile launch. That would be crazy. They're just scrapping the missile launch to ease tensions which is nothing at all like backing down.

The decision to delay critical U.S missile tests is not a sign that the White House is bowing to North Korea's "bellicose rhetoric," a top administration official said Sunday.

During an appearance on "Fox News Sunday," senior Obama adviser Dan Pfeiffer said the decision was "absolutely not" a retreat after Pyongyang's recent aggressive actions against the U.S. and its allies in the Western Pacific.

"The onus is on North Korea to take the step back," Pfeiffer said regarding North Korea's threats of military action on the peninsula.

It's not a retreat. It's a r'etreat, which is French and completely different. Just ask John Kerry. And the onus is on North Korea. Sadly, North Korea does not appear to be aware that the onus is on it. It is speculated that North Korea does not even know what an onus is or cares about the onus and who it's on.

That is why North Korea won its standoff with Obama Inc. which cares a great deal about onuses but has all the backbone of a caterpillar.

"North Korea is engaging in the kind of behavior we have seen for many, many years: provocative actions and bellicose rhetoric," Pfeiffer said. But those actions, he added, will only "further isolate" Pyongyang within the international community.

And that behavior works. Every time North Korea pushes, everyone else falls back. North Korea gets what it wants while the leaders of the international community shrill that the Norks have isolated themselves even more.

Pfeffier's commens come shortly after Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel postponed tests of the Minuteman 3 missile at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

The delay was designed to tamp down tensions with Pyongyang, a senior defense official told the Associated Press, which first reported the delay.

Just remember, we are absolutely totally not bowing to North Korean pressure. Obama Inc. is only trying to tamp down the pressure by bowing to it. But he's not bowing.

He's not.