Unarmed Police Respond to Shooting on Gun-Free Zone Campus

URI police responding to panicked reports of a loose shooter arrived at the building and began to create a perimeter using only pepper spray and batons.

The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a bunch of good guys with no guns who will surround him and then hug him to death. It's a plan... but it's a really, really bad plan.

Campus police officers responded without firearms to multiple reports of a lone gunman at the University of Rhode Island (URI), on Thursday, due to a state policy that prohibits deputized campus police officers from carrying firearms on public campuses.

URI police, who were the first to respond to panicked reports of a loose shooter in the school's Chaffee Hall, arrived at the building and began to create a perimeter using only paper spray and batons.

What exactly were they going to do with the pepper spray? Stand off a gunman using pepper spray and batons? Even the Russian Army sent its conscripts into battle against the German Army in Stalingrad better equipped than that.

"State police were still arriving on the scene twenty minutes after the incident," Nina Microulis, who is a senior at URI said Friday. "State police led the charge – partly because they were armed – but I would not hesitate to say that the university police know our campus best.

Armed beats knowing campus best when dealing with a gunman.

Although no shooter was found after 2 1/2 hours of lockdown, the frenzied reports caused hundreds to flee resulting in minor injuries among students. Classes at URI were cancelled for the remainder of the day as a precautionary measure.

Welcome to Gun-Free America where a panicked population is taught to go into helpless frenzies of hysteria every time a balloon pops while everyone is kept unarmed... because guns are not the answer.

Just ask Governor Lincoln Chaffee.

 A spokeswoman for the current governor, Lincoln Chaffee (I), agreed there are no current plans for arming campus police.

“Simply more guns in the mix isn't a solution to violence on university and college campuses,” Christine Hunsinger, who is the communications director for Chaffee, told Campus Reform. “The governor is very opening to listening to both sides but it should be looked at as part of a whole solution…. We need to see what else can be done to make those places safe.”


Who needs guns to stop a gunman when you can wait 20 minutes for the state police to arrive while the campus police sets up a perimeter of toilet paper and strongly worded citations.

But what both sides is Chaffee going to listen to? The gunman and the people he's shooting at? The campus police who are being told to set up perimeters of pepper spray and the students who would rather be shot by a bad guy with a gun than protected by a good guy with a gun? The voices in his own head?

This time the report did not stand up, but what happens when another Adam Lanza reads this and realizes that he'll have a 20 minute window for a massacre before armed police show up?