ACLU Sues 70-Year-Old Christian Flower Shop Owner for Refusing to Participate in Gay Wedding

This is a clash between two religions. Christianity and Liberalism. We have a state church and it performs gay weddings and insists that everyone participate in them as well.

The ACLU took in 63 million dollars in 2011. It has net assets of almost 300 million dollars. Anthony Romero, its Exec Director, takes in 342,858 dollars.

And like most bullies, the ACLU picked a target its own size, Barronelle Stutzman, a 70-year-old woman who runs a flower shop. For those who think that gay marriage can be folded on, the case of Arlene's Flowers provides another sobering wake-up call.

Homosexual activists are not looking to live and let live. They are out to force their way on everyone else at any cost. Even shamelessly going after a 70-year-old woman who was only following her faith.

Robert Ingersoll and his partner, Curt Freed, had been buying flowers from Arlene’s for nearly a decade when Ingersoll asked Barronelle Stutzman to provide flowers for their upcoming wedding in September, according to the couple's attorneys.

“When it came to doing his wedding, I said, ‘I could not do it because of my relationship with Jesus Christ.’ He thanked me and said he respected my opinion. We talked and gave each other a hug and he left,” she wrote.

Stutzman said she believes “biblically” that marriage is between a man and a woman.

“I have hired all walks of people in different circumstances, and had the privilege of working with some very talented people that happen to be gay.”

But Robert Ingersoll couldn't do the decent thing and give Barronelle Stutzman what gay rights activists claim they want; tolerance.

"I have dealt with Rob several times. He's a nice guy," Barronelle Stutzman said.

But for Ingersoll, the rejection stung.

"We're both passionate about seeing people succeed and that nobody should be hurt or in pain," he said. "This is one of those things -- it's very hurtful. I probably haven't felt this much pain since I was in high school and people called me names, and I'm 42."

And after enough whining, Ingersoll decided to spread the pain that was eating at his soul and making him so very sad.

Ingersoll realizes that while much of the attention has been supportive, he and his partner also will face a backlash.

"People are going to hate us," he said. "That is sad and makes me unhappy. I know people are going to come out of the woodwork and going to be hateful. I don't say hateful things. I'm not that kind of person."

Ingersoll sure is unhappy a lot and his response to unhappiness is to make other people unhappy. This is also known as liberalism.

And when liberalism rules, the jackboots sooner or later show up on your doorstep.

Robert W. Ferguson, the Attorney General for Washington State, has taken a break from fixing all the crime in the state, to targeting a 70-year-old flower shop owner.

“As Attorney General, it is my job to enforce the laws of the state of Washington,” said Ferguson.  “Under the Consumer Protection Act, it is unlawful to discriminate against customers based on sexual orientation.  If a business provides a product or service to opposite-sex couples for their weddings, then it must provide same sex couples the same product or service.”

The lawsuit seeks $2,000 in fines for each violation and an injunction requiring Arlene’s Flowers to comply with the state’s consumer protection laws, which prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

And there's the problem in a nutshell. If gay rights trumps religion, then the two cannot co-exist. This is a clash between two religions. Christianity and Liberalism. We have a state church and it performs gay weddings and insists that everyone participate in them as well.

Not to be left out, the ACLU rushed in to join the assault on Barronelle Stutzman.

The American Civil Liberties Union also stepped into the fray, sending Stutzman a letter announcing it would file a separate civil suit for damages on behalf of the engaged couple unless she agrees to provide flowers without discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation, publish a letter of apology in the newspaper and donate $5,000 to a local youth center, in lieu of attorneys' fees.

"Your refusal to sell flowers to Mr. Ingersoll and Mr. Freed for their wedding has hurt them very deeply. It is a disturbing reminder of the history of discrimination and disparate treatment that they and other gay men and women have experienced over the years," ACLU attorney Michael R. Scott said in the letter.

Left unsaid is whether she would also be expected to abase herself or spend a night in the stocks. But while $5,000 may be a lot to an elderly small business owner, Anthony Romero and other ACLU executives could use it as toilet paper.

The ACLU's letter informs us that;

Mr. Freed was born and raised in the Tri-Cities area. He has been on the faculty of Columbia Basin College since 1994, where he is currently Vice President of Instruction. Mr. Ingersoll was raised in Colorado and New Mexico, and moved to Washington State in the late 1990s. In the last five years, he has worked at Goodwill in Richland, where he is currently an Operations Manager.

To no one's surprise, neither part of the "happy couple" actually works for a living outside the academic/non-profit sector. The lawyers claim, hilariously, that they are shy private people.

Mr. Freed and Mr. Ingersoll are private people; they have led a very quiet life together. Although they were initially reluctant to speak publicly about your refusal to serve them, they decided it was important to speak up

Yes, it was vitally important for them to persecute the 70-year-old owner of a small flower shop. A principle was at stake. The Goodwill manager felt sad. And blue. And down in the dumps.

Now that he's beating up on a 70-year-old woman he feels empowered.

And Freed and Ingersoll's demands include;

You agree to write a letter of apology to Mr. Freed and Mr. Ingersoll to be published in the Tri-City Herald.

What repulsive cretins.

Arlene's Flowers has set up a donation account to help with the defense against Ferguson, Freed, Ingersoll, he ACLU and the rest of the gang.

We have set up a deposit only account with our local Key Bank, 1275 Lee Blvd, Richland, WA 99352 phone # 509-392-4638 The account number is 470761007272